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09 Jan 12. API Technologies Corp. announced the availability of its new secure, portable communications suite, the SST™ Lightweight Liaison Kit. At just 24lbs (11kg) the Lightweight Liaison Kit is a discreet, lightweight, rugged sealed case-based suite. It is completely customizable and designed to incorporate the customer’s choice of cryptography, in addition to the secure laptop, satellite terminal, scanner, power, and communications interfaces. It is the latest product from API’s Secure Systems and Information Assurance division’s UK group, Secure Systems & Technologies Ltd..

04 Jan 12. US Navy cancels AMDR-X radar. The US Navy (USN) has re-examined the requirements contemplated under solicitation N00024-11-R-5304 ‘Air and Missile Defense Radar X-Band Radar (AMDR-X)’ first published in June 2011, and has determined the these no longer reflect the present needs of the service. As a result, the USN announced on 12 December 2011 that it had decided not to proceed with the project. (Source: Jane’s, JMR)

10 Jan 12. Bytec Embedded, the embedded equipment manufacturer of the Bytec group, has launched an advanced small footprint, wireless, USB keyboard for the unforgiving conditions found in many defence applications. The second generation Indi-KeyTM keyboard offers wipe clean surfaces, improved key response and feel, a wider touchpad and an optional numeric keypad. Designed for use where space and reliability is critical, the wipe-clean IP65-rated Indi-Key has been constructed with a Silver Ion antibacterial agent acting as a secondary defence to address increasing awareness of the spread of infection and cross contamination. The wireless dock enables quick replacement of a used keyboard with a newly cleaned one without the need for any user set-up. The addition a PC based application enables the keyboard to be reprogrammed for easy on-site upgrades without the need of special programming equipment, ideal for changing keycodes or adding hidden functionality for example – enabling application specific customisation of the Indi-Key. The ergonomic keyboard features fold flat keys for fast cleaning and has a lighter feel with a more tactile response plus the option of an integrated numeric pad for faster data input. The addition of a 29 larger touchpad provides a familiar interface that is easy to use and clean, with no grooves or dirt traps. With a typical operating life of six hours, battery life is further preserved with a 15 minute sleep mode. Three levels of red backlit illumination enable the keys to be visible in all light conditions.

10 Jan 12. General Dynamics C4 Systems’ TACLANE®-C100 encryptor has been
certified by the National Security Agency (NSA) as a Suite B device to
secure network communications at the Secret level and below. The
certification makes the C100 a non-Controlled Cryptographic Item (CCI),
enabling users to operate the encryptor in environments where there is a
high risk of equipment loss. The TACLANE-C100, as a NSA Cryptographic High Value Product, non-CCI device, is part of the government’s new ‘leave-behind’ strategy that also enables interoperability among U.S.
government, military and NATO networks as well as private industry
responsible for securing the nation’s critical infrastructure.

12 Jan 12. Radar: Air Defence Clearance. The MoD announced (12 Jan 12) that agreement has been reached with energy companies to fund new wind farm-friendly radars. A new air defence radar that is not adversely affected by wind farms has been installed and tested on the Norfolk coast. Two further radars, funded by developers, are to be installed in Northumberland and Yorkshire.
Comment: In the past, the MoD has objected to wind farms located near air defence radars due to the interference caused by the turbine blades. The radar installed by SERCO is a Lockheed Martin

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