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21 Nov 11. DRS Defense Solutions announced that its Intelligence, Communications and Avionics Solutions (ICAS) business unit has successfully tested the man-portable backpack version of its MAGIC (Mobile Mapping of Air and Ground Intelligence Collection) Enhanced Situational Awareness airborne mission networking suite. BackPack MAGIC uses commercial handheld display devices to process and display vital situational awareness information at the user’s fingertips via a wireless link to the backpack. By using a proprietary government software suite, it is capable of receiving and transmitting in line-of-sight and beyond-line-of-sight modes of operation. Capabilities include providing RF email, full motion video, IP data, voice networking and secure voice. Packs may be networked in hard-wired or wireless configurations, allowing maximum flexibility. Weighing in at 26 pounds and enclosed within a commercial soft-sided canvas backpack, this compact package gives the warfighter enhanced data, voice, intelligence, threat and Blue Force Tracking capability while using popular display devices. All of the display options include night vision imaging system (NVIS) screen filters. The pack is able to be shouldered and secured within one minute. The system can run for more than eight hours on its self-contained power source as well as draw power from other sources such as aircraft and ground vehicles. BackPack MAGIC bridges the situational awareness gap of mounted and dismounted troops to collect and share critical voice, intelligence, and data-link information during missions such as foreign internal defense (FID), personnel recovery, search and rescue, special operations, as well as operations requiring a low profile.
MAGIC, which is expandable, is also available in ground station, vehicle and aircraft configurations.

23 Nov 11. US Army paratroopers have recently completed testing of a new water and fuel container system for airdrops in Afghanistan. During two of the three test drops, the Lifeliner container-unitised bulk equipment (CUBE) safely delivered hundreds of gallons of water to the ground under dual, 100ft-wide parachutes from over 1,000ft. The new container can be transported by truck or slingloaded beneath a helicopter, is 40% of the cost of existing equipment and can be easily handled for storage by one person. The 307th Brigade Support Battalion commander lieutenant colonel Paul Narowski said that the test validated the airdrop procedures for delivering 400 gallons of fuel, water or unitised supplies to forces anywhere on the battlefield. More than 200 systems have already been fielded to deployed units to date. (Source: armytechnology.com)

22 Nov 11. American Reliance, Inc. (AMREL) releases new laptop models for its popular ROCKY line of rugged mobile computing platforms. Faster, more powerful, and more flexible than earlier models, the new RT9, RK9, and RF9 laptops are perfect for the data-heavy applications used by the military and public safety sectors. In addition, AMREL’s legendary ruggedness has taken a step up with ratings of IP-55, MIL-STD 810G, and MIL-STD 461F. Reliable and quiet operation is also ensured by Intel® Core™ 2 Duo Processors, which effectively cool via the chassis. The body of the widely deployed ROCKY RK9 has been upgraded to be stronger and lighter. The new RT9, RK9, and RF9 laptops are all Flexpedient® capable. AMREL’s patent-pending Flexpedient® Technology enables one computer to run multiple applications. Leveraging the traditional device bay for optical drives, it can be modified to include a client’s application-specific modules. Simply swap modules out of our specially modified device bay, and within minutes you can run a completely different application. Field-expedient Flexpedient® solutions are widel

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