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26 Sep 11. Raytheon Company has successfully completed preliminary design review for the Global Positioning System Next Generation Operational Control System (GPS OCX), an important milestone in determining the program’s development approach, cost estimates and delivery schedule. The review, which was conducted by the U.S. Air Force Space and Missile Systems Center’s (SMC) GPS Directorate, assessed the architectural and technical maturity of the program design. GPS OCX is the next generation operational gateway service designed to provide secure, accurate and reliable navigation and timing information to effectively support military, commercial and civil users. GPS OCX will be the service integrator between ground, space and user segments to enhance mission command and control, and situational awareness capabilities, while seamlessly supporting billions of users around the world. The OCX segment updates GPS command and control (C2) and mission management capabilities, transforming the focus of GPS operations from satellite C2, to user-oriented, effects-based operations. In addition, GPS OCX will facilitate additional civil signals (L1C, L2C and L5) and new signal structures (M-Code) to provide navigation integrity, improved accuracy and increased availability.

26 Sep 11. PEI-Genesis, Inc., the world’s fastest assembler of precision connectors and power supplies, announced today that it will add the CINCH MIL-C-26500/BACC45 & 63 product line to its existing interconnection portfolio. CINCH is a leading manufacturer of electrical connectors for the aviation, military and transportation markets. This cylindrical connector line will be assembled under PEI-Genesis’ usual 48 hour turnaround promise. The company made its mark in the electronic components and power supply industry by bucking the trend of long lead times. PEI-Genesis strives to reduce customers’ total acquisition cost and lead times, simplify assembly, and improve the quality and reliability of their designs. CINCH’s MIL-C-26500/BACC45 & 63 connectors meet several Boeing BACC specifications and can be used for both commercial and military aerospace applications. They meet unique application challenges including shielding, environmental sealing, fluid resistance, and vibration.

28 Sep 11. Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing (CWCEC) announced the availability of its new enhanced family of Skyquest™ rugged displays for use on airborne platforms. The new family of Dual LED Backlit Skyquest Displays, available in configurations from 10.4” to 20”, provides a unique way of delivering Night Vision Goggle (NVG) filtering, and features LED illumination with wider color range, less heat dissipation and less light performance degradation than experienced with older cold cathode tube displays. Traditional NVG filtering is achieved by fitting a filter to the full display area, which dims the image and adds an undesirable green tint that is visible in both daytime and nighttime operations. With CWCEC’s Dual LED Backlit Skyquest Displays, this filter is removed from the front of the screen. Instead, the filtering occurs in the backlight located behind the LCD. A simple toggle switch enables the selection of either white daylight LEDs or green NVG-filtered LEDs integrated in the backlight within the display, providing complete control over the type of light emitted from the screen. The result is a very high brightness, full color image readable in direct sunlight during daytime operations, and a fully filtered display ideal for NVG operations.

28 Sep 11. Curtiss-Wright Controls Embedded Computing (CWCEC) introduced the newest addition to its industry leading Skyquest™ family of rugged video management system (VMS) products, the Skyquest VDSU-1420 Video Distribution System Unit (VDSU). The Skyquest VDSU-1420 is a comprehensive high d

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