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Oxley specialises in the design and manufacture of advanced electronic and electro-optic components and systems for air, land and sea applications within the military sector. Established in 1942, Oxley has manufacturing facilities in the UK and USA and enjoys representation worldwide. The company’s products include night vision and LED lighting, data capture systems and electronic components. Oxley has pioneered the development of night vision compatible lighting. It offers a total package incorporating optical filters, equipment modification, cockpit and external lighting along with fleet wide upgrade services including engineering, installation, support, maintenance and training. The company’s long experience of manufacturing night vision lighting and LED indicators, coupled with advances in LED technology, has enabled it to develop LED solutions to replace incandescent and fluorescent lighting in existing applications as well as becoming the lighting option of choice in new applications such as portable military hospitals, UAV control stations and communication shelters.

21 Jan 11. Ultra Electronics DNE Technologies announced the availability of Release 1.1 operating software for its PacketAssure iQ line of Service Delivery Managers (SDMs).
“Release 1.1 software heralds a new level of automated capability for the PacketAssure product line,” said Charles Reese, Vice President, Sales & Marketing at DNE Technologies. “A rate-adaptive transmission device, such as a digital troposcatter modem, adjusts its data transmission rate as atmospheric conditions change, yet traffic management policies traditionally remain static until operators intervene. The PacketAssure can now automatically adjust its Class of Service (CoS) parameters to ensure optimum bandwidth allocation, regardless of the operational data rate. This feature demonstrates DNE’s continued commitment to reducing lifecycle costs associated with IP networking.”
This feature, known as Adaptive Transport, Auto CoS (ATAC), supports 23 individual data rates from 64 Kbps to 22 Mbps, and includes a library of preconfigured CoS profiles to ensure rapid setup. Network operators can adjust these CoS profiles to address real-time changes in mission requirements. Once set, the entire system runs without further operator intervention, regardless of bandwidth changes, creating a highly mobile, quickly deployable Quality of Service solution for serial-based transport. The PacketAssure iQ1000 AND iQ1000e Service Delivery Managers with Release 1.1 software will be generally available in March 2011. Pricing starts at $17,000 USD. (Source: Yahoo!/PRNewswire)

25 Jan 11. Agile Communication Systems (ACS) today announced that at AFCEA/USNI West 2011 they are exhibiting their new MST-100M. This system offers the same features as the original Man-Pack terminal now deployed in-theater for the US Army, providing the warfighter with the latest SATCOM technology. The MST-100M features a fully motorized platform with auto-acquisition which locates and peaks on the desired satellite. This allows a soldier to focus on other tasks while the system locates the network which typically takes between two to three minutes. The Man-Pack Satellite Terminal (MST) is a portable Communications system consisting of a .75m satellite dish, tripod, and modem which are conveniently carried in a backpack for easy, remote use. The system can be configured to accommodate various up and down bandwidths. With Advanced DVB-RCS/S2 the system is capable of uplinking over 1 Mbps of usable bandwidth. Slightly larger antennae can yield higher uplink bandwidths.
The MST-100 is available in two models: MST-100 with Computer Assisted Pointing (CAP) and MST-100M (motorized pointing). Both models are:
Available with Advanced DVB-RCS/S2, TDMA, FTDMA, DAMA or SCP

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