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Oxley specialises in the design and manufacture of advanced electronic and electro-optic components and systems for air, land and sea applications within the military sector. Established in 1942, Oxley has manufacturing facilities in the UK and USA and enjoys representation worldwide. The company’s products include night vision and LED lighting, data capture systems and electronic components. Oxley has pioneered the development of night vision compatible lighting. It offers a total package incorporating optical filters, equipment modification, cockpit and external lighting along with fleet wide upgrade services including engineering, installation, support, maintenance and training. The company’s long experience of manufacturing night vision lighting and LED indicators, coupled with advances in LED technology, has enabled it to develop LED solutions to replace incandescent and fluorescent lighting in existing applications as well as becoming the lighting option of choice in new applications such as portable military hospitals, UAV control stations and communication shelters.

18 Nov 10. Lockheed Martin has developed a toolset to be used by the UK Ministry of Defence to help simplify and map out the complex networks and linkages that make up its future air command and control system. The MoD has requested Lockheed Martin UK – Integrated Systems & Solutions Ltd to supply SyntheSys Systems Engineers Ltd, with the latest version of the Company’s eSMART software toolset, for use with the Ministry’s Project GUARDIAN (formerly, the Air Command & Control Future Capability Programme). eSMART was developed by Lockheed Martin UK to support the iSMART process, an internationally-accepted means of identifying interoperability challenges often arising during the development of information systems and communication media – including tactical data links. The process provides detailed analysis of interoperability across the whole communications domain, from strategic data to operational and “tactical edge” communications systems. By highlighting potential interoperability issues at an early stage in the acquisition lifecycle, the use of iSMART can result in significant cost savings to a project. The eSMART toolset facilitates the complex calculations required for interoperability comparisons, with various visualization methodologies to facilitate analysis. David Rowles, iSMART Programme Manager at Lockheed Martin UK, commented: “We acknowledge Synthesis’ expertise in the Tactical Data Link domain and we know that by using eSMART, they can bring maximum benefit to Project GUARDIAN.” Rowles added that Lockheed Martin UK is an accepted industry leader in all areas of Tactical Data Link technology, with many years’ experience of supporting national and international TDL integration projects.

24 Nov 10. Based on the original highly successful FlashBack-3 range of DVR / streamers, UK based Ovation Systems has introduced the new FlashBack-3-C covert surveillance system. In consultation with customers and recognising the difficulties facing covert operators in the field, Ovation Systems has developed an entirely new miniature, easy to use, colour coded connection system. With all the features that made the FlashBack-3 so successful, its small dimensions, advanced H.264/AVC video compression and ability to stream video over IP networks, the FlashBack-3-C makes installation quicker, simpler and more flexible. Each system is provided with a selection of mating cable sets that interface to either bare wires or commonly used video, audio and DC power connectors. To aid deployment, it is a simple operation to extend any cable with the in-line 0.5 or 1 metre extension cables included with each system. There are also a number of special accessories available using the new connector system, including;

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