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Oxley specialises in the design and manufacture of advanced electronic and electro-optic components and systems for air, land and sea applications within the military sector. Established in 1942, Oxley has manufacturing facilities in the UK and USA and enjoys representation worldwide. The company’s products include night vision and LED lighting, data capture systems and electronic components. Oxley has pioneered the development of night vision compatible lighting. It offers a total package incorporating optical filters, equipment modification, cockpit and external lighting along with fleet wide upgrade services including engineering, installation, support, maintenance and training. The company’s long experience of manufacturing night vision lighting and LED indicators, coupled with advances in LED technology, has enabled it to develop LED solutions to replace incandescent and fluorescent lighting in existing applications as well as becoming the lighting option of choice in new applications such as portable military hospitals, UAV control stations and communication shelters.

28 Sep 10. Northrop Grumman Corporation will leverage its recent high-energy solid-state laser successes to advance electric laser technology by substantially increasing the efficiency of these systems for military uses. This work will be done under a new U.S. Department of Defense program called the Robust Electric Laser Initiative (RELI), a first step toward developing the next generation of military laser technology for more efficient, lighter and smaller systems. The Army Space and Missile Defense Command / Army Strategic Forces Command in Huntsville, Ala., awarded Northrop Grumman an initial two-year, $8.8m contract with options that could extend it to a five-year contract valued at $53.3m. The RELI program seeks to increase system efficiency to greater than 30 percent while generating good beam quality, a power level of 25 kilowatts (kW) that is capable of being scaled to 100kW, all of which could be packaged on a military platform. Solid-state laser systems currently are about 20 percent efficient, according to the Defense Department.

Sep 10. WhisperPower’s new Belt Power concept offers an intelligent electrical system for supplying vehicles with 230 V/50 Hz. The system consists of a high output generator connected to the diesel or petrol engine of cars, 4x4s or vans by means of special supports. The generator is powered by a special heavy duty belt through the pulley of the engine, while the generated electricity is converted into a stable, sinus-wave 230 V/ 50 Hz, even with a fluctuating rpm. There are three capacities available: 3.5 kW, 5 kW and 7.5 kW. The system is ideal for vehicles with no space to install a 230 generator.

28 Sep 10. GE Intelligent Platforms today announced the first in a new family of VME multifunction I/O boards designed specifically to address the problems caused by the growing constraints on size, weight and power in today’s military platforms. It is also highly appropriate for commercial applications that are similarly challenged. The VME-6500 6U VME Multifunction I/O Board can deliver in a single chassis slot the analog and digital I/O capabilities that could previously have occupied four slots, and can therefore make a significant contribution to substantially enhanced performance and functional density.
With data acquisition becoming an increasingly common requirement in military applications such as radar, image capture and processing and video tracking, the rugged VME-6500 also responds to the requirement to place data acquisition hardware as close as possible to the sensors with its ability to operate over wide temperature ranges and to withstand shock and vibration. Further, the VME-6500 provides a highly cost-effective, off-the-shelf alternative to a

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