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Oxley specialises in the design and manufacture of advanced electronic and electro-optic components and systems for air, land and sea applications within the military sector. Established in 1942, Oxley has manufacturing facilities in the UK and USA and enjoys representation worldwide. The company’s products include night vision and LED lighting, data capture systems and electronic components. Oxley has pioneered the development of night vision compatible lighting. It offers a total package incorporating optical filters, equipment modification, cockpit and external lighting along with fleet wide upgrade services including engineering, installation, support, maintenance and training. The company’s long experience of manufacturing night vision lighting and LED indicators, coupled with advances in LED technology, has enabled it to develop LED solutions to replace incandescent and fluorescent lighting in existing applications as well as becoming the lighting option of choice in new applications such as portable military hospitals, UAV control stations and communication shelters.

26 Aug 10. Two General Dynamics SATCOM Technologies’ Warrior antenna terminals are now certified by the U.S. Army to use the Ka-band frequency to access the Wideband Global SATCOM (WGS) network, enabling warfighters to transmit and receive video, multimedia imagery and data faster and more securely. Certification ensures that the General Dynamics Warrior 1.2 and 1.8 meter, Ka-band enabled terminals meet stringent performance and operational control requirements needed to operate on the WGS network. The WGS network comprises a constellation of six U.S. Department of Defense satellites that provide flexible communications connectivity for U.S. military forces.

Aug 10. iPhone vehicle tracking app from Masternaut. Masternaut has launched what it says is the world’s first “feature-rich” web-based vehicle tracking service for the Apple iPhone and iPad. This is the first in a series of free apps for Apple products from the Yorkshire-based telematics firm. The Masternaut Rapide app for iPhone gives the main of the live Masternaut service to managers on the move. It gives a real-time link to important operational information whenever they are away from the office. (Source: Transport News Brief)

24 Aug 10. Elisra today announced that a new, digital version of its highly successful Tactical Video and Data Link – TVDL (AN/ACQ-9) system, designed to specifications characterized together with a US customer, is in advanced development stages. The current-generation analogue TVDL, which is already fielded and operational on dozens of combat helicopters, is known to have dramatically improved the hit rate of aircrews. By receiving real-time video and telemetry data from UAV payloads and relaying the information to other aircraft and to forces on the ground, the TVDL enables creating a common visual language amongst all players in the battlespace, enhancing their situational awareness and helping them to quickly and effectively close the sensor-to-shooter loop. Gunship pilots can relay visual intelligence to commanders on the ground and receive the “clear to shoot” almost instantly.
Speaking about the new digital version of the TVDL, Avi Peleg , Senior Director Marketing & Sales, at Elisra’s Communications & Datalinks division, said that after a relatively short experience of operating the TVDL system in the theater, many branches of the US military have shown interest in the system. Peleg anticipates that new trials and demonstrations with the system will take place in the US in the near future. The TVDL is an advanced video and data receiver/transmitter system especially designed for installation on combat helicopters. Very compact and low-weight (P-kit weights only 2.8 kilograms), the system easily fits ev

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