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25 Jun 08. MoD medics get latest blood transfusion technology on operations. Armed Forces medical staff on operations in Afghanistan and Iraq are being equipped with new blood supply kit which means badly injured troops can be treated more effectively. The new equipment means combat medics can quickly call on an improved supply of “platelets” – a key part of human blood vital in generating blood clots which is used to help stop massive loss of blood caused by injuries. Previously the method of providing platelets in an emergency was to take whole blood from previously screened volunteers. However four donors are needed to produce one adult dose and once a donor has donated they cannot donate again for at least 12 weeks. The new Apheresis procedure produces an adult dose of platelets, from a single donor, in approximately 45mins. As the process only takes platelets, the donor has no ill effects and can donate again within 14 days. Unveiling the hi tech machine at DVD, DE&S Chief of Defence Materiel Land, Lt General Dick Applegate said, “Medical care on operations is rightly recognised as being second to none. Blood is an essential part of the military supply chain and the demand for platelets has increased as we are using a more aggressive approach in the treatment of massive blood loss. Using the new machine will give our medics increased flexibility during urgent requirements.”

24 Jun 08. tms exhibited at DVD for the fourth year in a row with their biggest and best stand yet. tms showed a variety of exciting new products at DVD which will include MIDAS, our asset management system and FERRET, our Automated Complete Equipment Schedule (CES) Management System. FERRET will be demonstrated on the Penman Vehicle stand. tms have undergone a complete make over and will be showing off the exciting new stand along with a variety of new and improved products. FERRET, demonstrated via webcam on the Penman Vehicle stand (SP – 15 & 16) at regular intervals over the two days and could be watched at the tms stand (C2 – 19 & 20) via a live link to one of our widescreen TVs. The demonstration will show visitors how FERRET works; highlighting the benefits to the end user and the overall efficiency of the system. tms also demonstrated training packages for the M777 – Ultra lightweight 155mm Howitzer, L118/119 105mm Light Gun and the Giant Viper Minefield clearance system.

Jun 08. Synectics Surveillance Technology a division of Quadnetics, announce the commercial release of their Insight360-Recorder at DVD. The Insight360 Recorder offers a unique solution to the recording of multichannel video, audio, data, vetronics, and GPS position. Designed to be rugged, the Insight360-Recorder makes it an ideal addition to any Armoured Fighting Vehicle. Up to 16 cameras can be recorded at full 25 frames per second making it suitable to capture the images from the 360 degree all around situational camera systems supplied by Synectics. 4 channels of synchronised audio enable the Recorder to capture the radio chatter, in-cab & outside noises. Coupled with this, specialised mission data can be recorded, along with any vetronics, enabling full playback of the situation at any particular time in the future. Fully controllable over Ethernet, the Recorder is NEC compliant, enabling it to drop into any onvehicle systems architecture. Multi-mission, the Insight360 Recorder offers the warfighter a unique tool for: Training, Intelligence gathering, Post Event Analysis, Lethality Analysis, Force Protection and an Ideal legacy upgrade to tape based systems. The Insight360 – Recorder has been developed to compliment the company’s existing product suite, which includes vehicle cameras suitable for viewing in the day/night, low light, and thermal camera solutions. The Synectics vehicle vision systems include solutions to offer image processing, switching, and picture-inpicture, onto

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