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19 Jun 08. Building on Oxley’s considerable experience in the development of Night Vision Goggle (NVG) compatible aircraft cockpits, Oxley Developments Ltd will be exhibiting its range of NVG-compatible vehicle and shelter lighting and a new range of LED shelter and tent lighting, Flat Light, at this year’s DVD. These systems are manufactured at the Company’s Ulverston and at Oxley Inc.’s Branford Connecticut facilities.
Oxley has supplied a number of covert LED systems compatible to NVGs to the U.K. and U.S. Armed forces and will be showing an example of this on their Stand No. C-2 27 and the Hobson Industries Stand No. SP-6.
In addition to LED exterior NVG-compatible lighting, Oxley will also be showing an NVG compatible dashboard with NV floodlighting for instrument illumination, mounted on the Hobson Industries Land Rover with Flat Light in the cabin of the Land Rover.
Dr Tim Bushell, Technical Director of Oxley Developments Ltd said, “There are operational scenarios where vehicle lights must not be detected by an NVG-equipped enemy. IR secure covers are the solution, removing the near IR energy and providing a dim visible green output from the headlights or driving lights. Night Vision Goggles are a significant element in night operational capability, allowing drivers to see at night. Custom designed Night Vision Lighting systems from Oxley add a further dimension to this capability, allowing drivers to see further, drive faster and with reduced risk of damaging the vehicle. By using Oxley filtering techniques to modify vehicles to be used in night time operations, driver safety is greatly improved. Incidents such as the drivers view through the goggle being obliterated by a warning light flaring are virtually eliminated.”
Installing a complete Oxley Night Vision lighting suite will significantly enhance the driving capabilities of any vehicle, on the darkest of nights, in conditions of heavy overcast and in low reflectivity terrain. With these driving lights fitted, vehicles have the advantage of driving at normal daylight speeds, whilst using Night Vision Goggles at night. The lights produce a carefully tailored beam shape which has been designed to illuminate a precise area in front of the vehicle and maximise the performance of the goggle. They also maintain a low NVG signature which reduces the risk of detection by the enemy.
The new Flat Light system consists of a range of seven separate low-powered LED lights which can be varied in colour or strength to suit the required conditions. The system is already fielded on the Marshall range of field hospitals and a special ruggedized set has been developed in association with IPT, the U.S. LED specialist.
Dr Bushell said, “The new Ruggedized Flat Light packs developed for military tentage can be rolled up in the tent during transportation and fielded in minutes on arrival without any worry about breakage of bulbs of fitments. In addition there is no concern about broken glass or mercury spillage common on old style lighting.”

17 Jun 08. S. MacNeillie & Son will unveil its all-new 7.5 tonne gvw Protected Escort Vehicle (PEV) at the Defence Vehicle Dynamics show at Millbrook, Bedfordshire next week. Built around a standard COTS chassis, the West Midlands-based armoured and security vehicle specialist has created a versatile multi-role monocoque design, which can be configured for a wide range of applications such as border patrol, command and control – and airport security.
The vehicle is already in production and initial units have already entered service with an undisclosed customer. MacNeillies is confident of significant interest in the vehicle, not least because of the adaptability of the basic design. Importantly also, the protected package can be contained within the 7.5 tonne gross vehicle weight limit, whilst offering a payload of around 1000 kg. There are options for

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