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Millbrook, based in Bedfordshire, UK, makes a significant contribution to the quality and performance of military vehicles worldwide. Its specialist expertise is focussed in two distinct areas: test programmes to help armed services and their suppliers ensure that their vehicles and systems work as the specification requires; and design and build work to upgrade new or existing vehicles, evaluate vehicle capability and investigate in-service failures. Complementing these is driver and service training and a hospitality business that allows customers to use selected areas of Millbrook’s remarkable facilities for demonstrations and exhibitions.

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12 May 10. M-ATV back in the LPPV race? The news that Oshkosh conducted demonstrations at Millbrook of its M-ATV vehicle and its presence at DVD, could signal that the vehicle is being looked on as a contender for LPPV. Rumours were circulating during AUSA that the contest would be re-opened, but the two chosen contenders, Supacat and Force Protection ruled this out after Gordon Brown’s surprise announcement of an order for 200. Oshkosh withdrew from the priginal LPPV content due to lack of production funding. Although larger than the LPPV spec, M-ATV could fit the bill for LPPV, it could be fielded quickly and at a competitive price. If this happened it would signal another hit for British industry which has spent millions developing the new range of LPPV vehicles which have more advanced composite hulls that M-ATV. It wouldn’t be the first time this has happened, the same situation occurred with UPPV, when the incumbent Force Protection Ridgback was chosen after 33 other vehicles had been trialled. If this did happen it will certainly deter companies from bidding vehicle programmes in the future. Oshkosh told BATTLESPACE during SOFEX that it expects to sign up its first overseas order within 90 days for a significant number of vehicles. M-ATV has generated significant interest in the Middle East.

07 May 10. First deliveries of the counter-mining system SOUVIM 2. Development of SOUVIM 2, a mine path clearing system designed and manufactured by MBDA since 2008, has just been completed. Two units of this land vehicle set will be delivered very shortly to the DGA, the French armament procurement agency and will undergo final qualification testing before delivery to the French Army. In line with the DGA’s aim, the French Army will be ready to deploy this system on foreign theatres in 2010. SOUVIM 2 was designed for use in mobility support missions, allowing quick clearing of mined paths over long distances behind the lines: over 100 km of track cleared daily, with extensive counter-mining capabilities. The SOUVIM 2’s performance is currently unequalled. The system relies on the combined action of two vehicles towing mine-activation trailers. The first vehicle is designed to roll over a pressure mine without activating it. It tows a first “mine-triggering trailer” (RDM) whose weight will trigger pressure-sensitive mines and thereby secure the second vehicle’s progress. This latter vehicle tows two further RDMs whose different wheel bases help cover the whole width of the track to be cleared.

14 May 10. France’s defence procurement agency (DGA) has awarded a contract to Panhard General Defence for the supply of 187 petits véhicules protégés (PVP) light protected vehicles. The PVP is an armoured 4×4 light protected vehicle specifically designed to carry command groups of artillery and combat engineer units as well as selected parachute and mountain infantry, intelligence and military police units. Equipped with a 7.62mm machine gun, the PVP vehicle can accommodate a crew quantity of four and is air transportable in C130 and C160 aircraft or by using helicopter slings. Deliveries began in late 2007 under the PVP progra

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