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———————————————————————–13 Feb 12. Under the technical control contract for the VLRA fleet, ACMAT is currently delivering 48 GLDs (Light Decontamination Units) to equip the NBC variants of the VLRA (Liaison, Reconnaissance and Support Vehicle). These kits, which were ordered by the French defense procurement agency (DGA) in December 2010, include overhauling the fuel circuit, bringing the safety equipment up to standard, and replacing the decontamination systems. Having developed the kit, which was qualified by the DGA and the STAT (French Army Technical Department), ACMAT is upgrading the vehicles at the Fontevraud military site, the garrison of the 2nd Regiment of Dragoons – Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (2ème RDNBC), the French regiment specialising in the NBC decontamination of equipment. The Model 2 NBC Liaison, Reconnaissance and Support Vehicle (VLRA NBC F2) is an in-depth decontamination system capable of decontaminating fifteen armoured vehicles (such as VAB) in three hours. The decontamination unit produces hot water up to 90°C, pressurised steam and dry steam. It allows two spray lances to be used simultaneously. Decontamination is performed by removal using hot water (up to 90°C) under pressure (up to 100 bar), or by neutralisation using adecontaminant solution. The VLRA NBC F2 is air transportable by TRANSALL C-160 and HERCULES C-130 aircraft. The technical control contract as a whole is worth over €3m, and deliveries will continue until June 2012.

15 Feb 12. Tawazun Holding, the Abu Dhabi-based strategic investment firm, is the Lead Sponsor of this year’s 11th Annual International Armoured Vehicles (IAV) conference and exhibition being held at FIVE, Farnborough, UK from 20th to 23rd Feb 2012. A wholly owned subsidiary of the UAE’s Offset Program Bureau, Tawazun is engaged in the long-term development of Abu Dhabi’s industrial manufacturing and technology capabilities, including knowledge transfer, with a specific focus on defence, defence manufacturing and manufacturing technology. Established in 2007, the firm’s mission is to develop profitable ventures through industrial partnerships and strategic investments that add to Abu Dhabi’s industrial manufacturing layer and contribute to the balancing of the UAE economy. Mr Hamad Al Neyadi, Tawazun’s Chief Strategic Officer will be speaking at IAV (on Main Conference Day 2, 22nd Feb) on the emerging manufacturing and technology capabilities in the Middle East. Further details of the speech will be released shortly. Tawazun’s focused but extensive portfolio includes NIMR Automotive, a specialised vehicle manufacturer, and the firm will be showcasing NIMR at IAV. Indeed, NIMR will be the first UAE Company ever to appear at the event. Also Abu-Dhabi-based, NIMR produces a range of high-mobility, multi-terrain, multi-purpose vehicles designed to address the varied needs of international Armed Forces and security organisations. These customisable, interoperable platforms, offering transport solutions for a wide range of combat and non-combat scenarios can be employed in many roles, including as armament or personnel carriers, logistics vehicles, ambulances, and mobile Command and Control centres.

15 Feb 12. At a briefing for their potential supply team held at Armatec’s facility in Dorchester a high level briefing team from Armatec and Marshall Land Systems spent a day explaining their combined bid to the Canadian Department of National Defence for the Medium Support Vehicle System (MSVS) Special Equipment Vehicle (SEV) shelter Project. During the course of the day the team stressed they were committed to technical compliance, on time delivery building on a shared culture and history of meeting and surpassing customer requirements achieved by early r

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