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———————————————————————–23 Jan 12. Krauss-Maffei Wegmann (KMW) has taken over the production branch for armoured civil vehicles from the German automotive development specialist EDAG and will thereby decisively strengthen its position on the market for protected vehicles. Both companies have decided upon a mutual agreement, subject to the accordance of the cartel authorities. The EDAG protection branch develops and integrates ballistic protection systems for civil vehicles of worldwide leading vehicle manufacturers. EDAG is considered to be leading in this civil sector. The extensive portfolio ranges from the conceptualization and integration-development of vehicle protection-functions over the production of ballistic protection modules to complete protection kits as well as superstructural parts for entire vehicle series. Throughout this process EDAG uses its comprehensive expertise for the serial production in the field of civil vehicle development and thereby secures the continuity of all functions in the vehicle. EDAG manufactures its protection systems at sites in Ingolstadt and Mexico. At both sites KMW will take over and continue these activities from EDAG. The EDAG Group will concentrate on engineering services in this market field and continue working closely with Krauss-Maffei Wegmann. With this acquisition KMW intends to strengthen its role in the market for protected military wheeled and tracked vehicles. In this context, the newly acquired civil technologies serve as a meaningful supplement. In addition, the acquisition of this EDAG branch permits the development of business activity for highly protected civil vehicles and complements the ongoing strategic activities to establish KMW on the Central and South American continent. As the worldwide largest independent development partner the EDAG Group develops concepts ready for serial production and solutions for sustainable mobility in the future. The development of complete modules, vehicles, derivatives and production facilities are part of the business activities, as is the model and prototype production as well as small-scale production. Through its subsidiary FFT EDAG, the EDAG Group offers the realization of complete production facilities for the automotive welding and assembly lines as well as vehicle assembly in addition to the development services. The EDAG Group is present at over 25 sites worldwide. The enterprise founded in 1969 offers optimized fabrication solutions ready for serial production through its integrated business segments. The EDAG Group focuses on the automobile, aerial and railway industry as well as the field of renewable energy. In 2011 EDAG and FFT EDAG had a turnover of ca. 720m Euros and employed more than 5 500 people worldwide.

30 Jan 12. In its annual analysis, “The Market for Tanks,” the Forecast International Weapons Group expects the international market will produce more than 5,500 main battle tanks, worth in excess of $24.25bn, through 2021.
“While increased modernization and retrofit remains transparent to our analysis of new-production tanks, this factor has become a significant force in the international market,” said Dean Lockwood, Forecast International senior military vehicles analyst. “Through ongoing maintenance, RESET (repair of battle damage), and upgrades, the U.S. Army intends to maintain its M1 Abrams tanks in active service through 2050.”
Between 2004 and 2009, U.S. Department of Defense spending on the maintenance, RESET, and upgrade of existing M1 Abrams tanks was, on average, equivalent to 41.24 percent of what the entire international market spent on new-production main battle tanks annually. In 2010, U.S. DoD spending on the maintenance, RESET, and upgrade of existing M1 Abrams tanks experienced a reduction of more than 67.2 percent since the previous year

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