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04 Jan 12. Quaife Engineering, the UK’s leading high performance transmission manufacturer, is pleased to announce a significant new product launch – a high strength six speed sequential unit designed specifically for Land Rover/Range Rover applications.
Ideally suited to the increasingly popular off-road /Paris-Dakar /rally raid market, Quaife’s new Land Rover/Range Rover unit (which carries part number QBE86G) uses the same 90mm shaft central core architecture as the firm’s QBE69G in-line sequential gearbox, which is proven to 750 bhp.
Designed to provide the ultimate ‘off the shelf’ high performance transmission solution for competition Land Rover/Range Rover applications where rapid gearshifts and reliability are at a premium, the QBE86G is supplied with straight cut gears to minimise transmission losses and maximise strength. Key technical features of the Quaife QBE86G six speed sequential Land Rover/Range Rover gearbox include:-
*Dog engagement gears allied to the latest selector design for ultra fast shifts
*Open face dog design on both gear and drive disc
*90mm shaft centres for high strength, up to 750 bhp
*Straight cut gears to reduce transmission losses
*Specially uprated reverse gear to suit off-road driving requirements
*Internal oil pump drive shaft
*A choice of left hand / right hand gear lever offsets to suit individual vehicles
*Land Rover/Range Rover V8 bellhousing available

05 Jan 12. Under an urgent operational requirement, at the end of November 2011, Renault Trucks Defense supplied 80 SLATE (Acoustic Sniper Localization System) kits to the French defense procurement agency (DGA) for integration with TOP 12.7 versions of the VAB armoured personnel carrier in Afghanistan. The SLATE system consists of a PILARw acoustic antenna for detecting gunshots, produced by 01dB-Metravib, which is connected to the KONGSBERG TOP 12.7 (PROTECTOR M151) remote control weapon system and an interface for the crew. When integrated into the VAB, this assembly allows very fast response times against sniper type of attack. As soon as a gunshot is detected, the VAB’s crew can decide to cue the turret automatically in the direction of the danger. The target can be identified and fire returned immediately. New functionalities have been developed in partnership with the DGA and the end-users (French Army Technical Department (STAT)) to enhance the protection of troops: the sensitivity of SLATE allows the threat level to be determined by indicating whether the weapon used is small or medium caliber. At the same time, the SLATE system stores the geographical location of the attacking shooters in memory, even after the VAB has moved. The VAB can therefore move into cover when engaged. Thanks to the added reach provided by the armament of the TOP 12.7 weapon station (a 12.7 mm machine gun or a 40 mm grenade launcher), the crew can move away from the threat while retaining the option of neutralizing targets from a safe distance. Ultimately, the SLATE system could be connected to information and command systems to improve the sharing of information gathered at tactical level.

04 Jan 12. In simultaneous releases Marshall Land Systems (MLS) Cambridge UK and Armatec Survivability Corporation (ASC) announced that they are forming a team to jointly respond to the tender for the Special Equipment Vehicle (SEV) Kitting Contract for the Canadian Department of National Defence. The Canadian based bid team has been working together for some time and incorporates members of both companies. Other members of the two companies are called on as required to make use of the extensive capabilities both companies possess or have access to. Access to the wider Marshall Group, including Marshall Aerospace Canada is of particular use in the team’s activities. A joint suppl

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