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———————————————————————–01 Aug 11. USMC begins shaping EFV successor. The US Marine Corps’ (USMC’s) upcoming Amphibious Combat Vehicle (ACV) programme could provide industry with requirements that allow for more trade space as the corps seeks an affordable vehicle within the next four years. Chris Yunker, mobility section head for an organisation in USMC Combat Development Command, said the requirements for ACVs could change as the marines are still evaluating them against potential costs. (Source: Jane’s, IDR)

08 Aug 11. Disposal of up to 12,000 Army Vehicles. Australian Minister for Defence Materiel Jason Clare today announced the release of the Request for Proposal for the disposal of up to 12,000 surplus Army vehicles and trailers. Last month the Minister announced reforms to the disposal of military equipment. Part of these reforms is the disposal in bulk of up to 12,000 Army vehicles. “By disposing of this equipment in bulk, it will increase the amount of revenue Defence can raise and reinvest in new equipment,” Mr Clare said. “The money raised from the sale of these vehicles will be invested in Force 2030, with one option to fund simulators used for training that will reduce the wear and tear on Army vehicles.” The Army vehicles that will be disposed of are non-combat vehicles such as Land Rovers, trailers, Unimogs, trucks and truck-mounted cranes. The vehicles will be progressively replaced by new vehicles under Defence Project LAND 121. The disposal will take place over the period 2011 – 2020. “A number of vehicles will be reserved and offered exclusively to community and heritage organisations, including the Australian War Memorial, RSLs and other historical organisations,” Mr Clare said. Organisations wishing to express interest in acquiring vehicles can register their interest with the Defence Disposals Agency, by email disposals@defence.gov.au, or phone 02 9393 2914.

15 Aug 11. The UK MoD is selling equipment worth millions of pounds at bargain prices to make up for a £36bn budget deficit. The military equipment includes 14 Gazelle helicopters worth £5m, which are expected to fetch £100,000, and armoured VIP Jaguars costing up to £200,000. The MoD’s Defence Equipment and Sales website has also put up Land Rovers,
motorbikes and even SAS troops combat jackets for sale along with expensive watches. The website also offered dump trucks, aircraft loading equipment and flight simulators for training Lynx helicopter pilots, as well as office furniture and tools. A MoD spokesman said the Disposal Services Authority, part of Defence Equipment and Support, had secured £84m from sales last year. “We are committed to delivering the best possible return for the taxpayer when disposing of surplus equipment,” Said the spokesperson. (Source: armytechnology.com)

16 Aug 11. The Nepalese Army’s Butawal-based Brigade No 22 has been gifted with 109 vehicles from India under a defence pact, Nepalese Army sources have revealed. The vehicles include 30 trucks of 7t capacity, 20 trucks of 2.5t capacity, 24 mine-protected vehicles and 35 military jeeps, according to the Press Trust of India. The Indian Government has gifted the vehicles as part of a military assistance in line with the Comprehensive Peace Agreement between the two nations. The delivery was announced during a five-day goodwill visit by an Indian Army delegation to Nepal. (Source: armytechnology.com)

12 Aug 11. The U.S. Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle (GCV) program appeared to face yet another delay Aug. 11, when the Army contacted the three industry teams bidding on the program and asked them to extend their proposals until Sept. 30. Pentagon officials say acquisition chief Ashton Carter, above, approved the Army’s Ground Combat Vehicle acquisition strategy, but the Army still awaits Carter’s signed acquisition de

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