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Millbrook, based in Bedfordshire, UK, makes a significant contribution to the quality and performance of military vehicles worldwide. Its specialist expertise is focussed in two distinct areas: test programmes to help armed services and their suppliers ensure that their vehicles and systems work as the specification requires; and design and build work to upgrade new or existing vehicles, evaluate vehicle capability and investigate in-service failures. Complementing these is driver and service training and a hospitality business that allows customers to use selected areas of Millbrook’s remarkable facilities for demonstrations and exhibitions.

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02 Dec 10. Oshkosh Defense will refurbish an additional 140 vehicles and trailers in theater for the U.S. Army under a new order from the Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command (LCMC). Through the Theater-Provided Equipment Refurbishment (TPER) program, Oshkosh works with the Army to return battle-damaged vehicles to full mission-capable operability at the company’s Kuwait facility.
“Our in-theater refurbishment service reduces the maintenance cycle time by weeks and gets these vehicles back where they’re needed most, in the field with the Warfighters,” said Mike Ivy, vice president and general manager of Army Programs for Oshkosh Defense. “To date, we have refurbished nearly 1,500 heavy vehicles and trailers for the Army at our Kuwait facility.”
The TPER program was born out of an urgent requirement to repair tactical vehicles worn from extreme conditions and return them to the field. Oshkosh works with the military to ensure vehicles are restored to meet the military’s strict equipment-readiness standards before they return to operations in theater. Oshkosh also communicates and collaborates extensively with TACOM and the Defense Logistics Agency to maintain a multifaceted supply-chain management approach. Oshkosh will refurbish its Heavy Expanded Mobility Tactical Trucks (HEMTT) and Heavy Equipment Transporters (HET) under the order. The vehicles are a part of the Army’s Family of Heavy Tactical Vehicles (FHTV), which also includes the Oshkosh-produced Palletized Load System (PLS). Oshkosh also will refurbish M1000 HET Trailers, which were not originally produced by the company.

30 Nov 10. Light Protected Patrol Vehicle (LPPV): Contract Signature. The Defence Equipment Minister announced (30 Nov 10) contract signature worth £180m to Force Protection Europe for the supply of 200 LPPV. The new vehicle is to be known as Foxhound (and not by the
Company name Ocelot). The first vehicles are to be delivered for training in late 2011, prior to their first Operational use in Spring 2012.
Comment: Confirming that Foxhound is to replace the Snatch Land Rover, the Minister added (1 Dec 10) that over 500 Wolfhound, Coyote and Husky tactical support vehicles (TSV) have been procured for Afghanistan, at a cost of over £500m. Wolfhound is the TSV (Heavy), Husky the TSV (Medium) and Coyote the TSV (Light). (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 09/47, 10 Dec 10)

06 Dec 10. Oshkosh Defense and the U.S. Army commemorated the rollout of the first Heavy Equipment Transporter (HET) A1 and Palletized Load System (PLS) A1 vehicle configurations with a ceremony today at Oshkosh’s headquarters. The new configurations of these trucks feature upgrades for improved survivability and performance.
“At Oshkosh we consider it our responsibility to provide U.S. soldiers with the most advanced vehicles and protection systems,” said Mike Ivy, vice president and general manager of Army Programs for Oshkosh Defense. “Everyone at Oshkosh, from our engineers to our Field Service Representatives in action across the globe, works to understand soldiers’ needs and, together with the military, continuously develops innovative designs that meet

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