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Millbrook, based in Bedfordshire, UK, makes a significant contribution to the quality and performance of military vehicles worldwide. Its specialist expertise is focussed in two distinct areas: test programmes to help armed services and their suppliers ensure that their vehicles and systems work as the specification requires; and design and build work to upgrade new or existing vehicles, evaluate vehicle capability and investigate in-service failures. Complementing these is driver and service training and a hospitality business that allows customers to use selected areas of Millbrook’s remarkable facilities for demonstrations and exhibitions.

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22 Nov 10. Sources close to BATTESPACE suggest that many billions could be saved in Through Life costs if Warrior was chosen for the Scout Requirement over ASCOD. The MoD has stated that there are not enough surplus Warriors to meet the Scout Requirement. However if the SDSR computations as stated require up to 300 Warriors that would leave a surplus of 498 to meet the requirement believed to be 85. Scout looks like the MoD paying billions to allow the Armoured Corps to have a new toy!

24 Nov 10. Iveco in partnership with Alsatian Lohr has been awarded a contract for nearly 2,000 military trucks by the French DGA. The contract award will be “reworked” to give a new chance to Renault Trucks Defense, whose production is threatened. Alain Juppe will decide.

18 Nov 10. Kairos Partners, Inc., a Service Disabled Veteran Owned – Small Business, announced today that the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) recently awarded Kairos an opportunity to participate in its “Armor Challenge for Vehicles.” DARPA is the research and development office for the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD).
The DARPA Vehicle Armor Challenge seeks to identify revolutionary and promising new armor concepts for military vehicles; specifically, to identify vehicle armor within a pre-established total areal density and capable of defeating the following two threats: Specified armor piercing rounds and fragment simulating projectiles. A secondary goal is determining the feasibility for producing vehicle armor materials at a cost competitive to current vehicle armor. The Vehicle Armor Challenge is primarily designed for inventors and small organizations that have limited resources to initiate full-scale armor development programs. It is an opportunity for developers to obtain a rapid and impartial assessment of existing armor designs in a live fire “shoot-out” of armor panels at a certified ballistics laboratory.
“DARPA has given us a chance to prove our technology, and truly presents us with opportunity. The Kairos solution is unique, based upon years of development, and involves many great partners’ collaboration. The development has been exciting and the thought of saving American Soldiers lives makes all the effort worthwhile.” said Don Akers, President/CEO, Kairos Partners, Inc.
Kairos uses several cutting edge technologies which combine metal matrix composites (MMCs) and three-dimensionally woven fiber composites into a uniquely effective passive armor solution that can be produced in any shape or thickness. This innovative solution allows for lightweight, cost effective, high volume production of armor for current vehicles, as well as for future land, air, sea, and space platforms. Important to note is that DoD identified MMCs in the Man-Tech Strategic Plan as the next generation material for armor. (Source: ASD Network)

22 Nov 10. The U.S. Army is vigorously conducting reliability, durability and performance testing of its new Family of Medium Tactical Vehicles at Aberdeen Proving Ground, Md., and Yuma Proving Ground, Ariz., as part of an effort to add thousands of new trucks to the fleet, service officials said. The Army plan

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