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20 Jan 11. The French joint services staff college has been renamed “The War College,” with Defense Minister Alain Juppé attending the ceremonial opening of a new year’s intake of students, the French Defense
Ministry said in a Jan. 20 statement.
“The return to the use of the word ‘war’ corresponds, on the one hand, to the need to anticipate and to prepare for the changes and strategic upheavals of the 21st century, and on the other hand, to the reality of operations actually being carried out,” the ministry said.
Juppé said the change of name “reaffirms the identity of this school of knowledge and decision-making,” adding that “this institution is indispensable to the success of the armed forces of France.”
The class of 2010-2011 was named “General de Gaulle.” The chief of the Defense Staff, Adm. Edward Guillaud, said the choice of name reflected the class’s determination “to serve in the image of a man of duty, a man of character, an exceptional man.”
There are 336 students in the current year, including 101 foreign officers. The school was formed in 1993 as the College Interarmées de Defense. The War College is directed by Air Force Gen. Pascal Valentin, and receives senior officers from the French armed forces and the gendarmerie nationale, as well as from foreign countries. Instruction is intended to prepare them for posts at the level of staff, command and management in their own service, at joint level and in allied commands. (Source: Defense News)

25 Jan 11. Iran is planning to set up five independent command-and-control headquarters at different borders of the country, says Iranian Army ground force commander Brigadier General Ahmad Reza Pourdastan.
“We started working on a structural change in the army ground force so that it can develop a capability to carry out its responsibility independently and self-sufficiently. Based on the plan, the country’s borders have been divided into five regions, each of which will fall under the command of an independent headquarter,” he said. The plans for the strategic change are part of the country’s ground force restructuring and to boost the force’s military preparedness. The plan for making changes within the army ground force has been approved by the commander-in-chief, Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei, according to Fars News Agency. (Source: armytechnology.com)

24 Jan 11. Lockheed Martin plans to increase the affordability and efficiency of space system development with the opening of a new advanced technology and virtual simulation facility, known as the Collaborative Human Immersive Laboratory (CHIL). The CHIL, located at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company headquarters in Littleton, Colo., integrates several virtual reality technologies enabling engineers and technicians to validate, test, and understand products and processes virtually before creating them physically. The result is a reduction in risk with savings in both time and cost. The company will leverage the CHIL for a variety of programs, including the U.S. Air Force’s next-generation Global Positioning System, known as GPS III and NASA’s Orion Crew Exploration Vehicle. The laboratory can be applied to a range of space systems, including satellites, exploration spacecraft, launch vehicles and missile defense systems. Lockheed Martin Aeronautics has a similar facility, the Human Immersive Laboratory (HIL) that is already being used to reduce the life-cycle cost of aircraft.

25 Jan 11. Raytheon Company plans to open a Public Safety Regional Technology Center in Los Angeles County this summer and is in the final stages of selecting a specific location with about 25,000 square feet of space

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