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02 Nov 10. The Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation (ARCAA) Opens in Brisbane. The Australian Research Centre for Aerospace Automation (ARCAA) has been opened in Brisbane, near the international airport. The research centre is a joint project developed by Queensland University of Technology and the independent statutory authority, the Commonwealth Scientific & Industrial Research Organisation (CSIRO).
This innovative Centre is developing the safe, reliable, and cost-effective operation of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAV). Leading to safer more efficient flying, thanks to breakthroughs in collision avoidance, emergency landing and separation management technologies. The leading technologies could also allow unmanned aircraft to be utilised in operations such as search and rescue, bush fire fighting and monitoring ash clouds from volcanoes as well as power line inspection and crop monitoring. Target scientific and civilian applications include aerospace automation research, environmental data collection, crop monitoring, infrastructure inspection, and low-altitude atmospheric research. The Queensland State Minister for Economic Development, Andrew Fraser, said that while there were UAV research centres in other parts of the world such as the US and the UK, the Australian centre was unique in its focus on civilian applications. (Source: ASD Network)

04 Nov 10. Elbit Systems announced that the Israel Air Force (IAF) has approved the “display system” milestone for Elbit Systems’ mission training center for pilots of the IAF’s F-16C/D and F-16I fighter aircraft. The IAF approval is an important milestone towards the establishment of a full-fledged mission training center and is a part of a $55m contract previously awarded to Elbit Systems by the Israeli Ministry of Defense. The display system was set up in cooperation with Barco, a global technology company that designs and develops visualization solutions. It includes a 360 degree field of view (FOV) that simulates the FOV of an F-16 crew member. The systems’ image generator was developed by Elbit Systems and is based on the “Vega Prime” product of Presagis. The system resolution exceeds four arcmin/OLP for the full FOV and enables the pilots to “train as you fight”, as the systems’ visualization emulates almost total reality.


27 Oct 10. Eurofighter Typhoon: Numbers and Roles. The Defence Equipment Minister said (27 Oct 10) that the current number of Typhoon is 66, of which 23 are multi-role capable and can carry out close air support activity. Multi-role aircraft can employ Paveway and Enhanced Paveway II bombs as well as 1,000lb freefall bombs. An enhanced air-to-surface capability is expected to be integrated on Tranche 2 aircraft from 2012.
Comment: Although the MoD originally opted for 232 Typhoon, only 160 are required on current planning (but it is understood that a mere 107 will be in service by 2020). Deliveries of Tranche 3 aircraft are to start in 2013. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 09/42, 1 Nov 10)


05 Nov 10. Just when the Royal Navy thought the waters had calmed around the stranding of a showpiece submarine, it was hit by another embarrassment yesterday. An investigation was already being held into the grounding of HMS Astute on a shingle bank off Skye last month after the £1bn vessel, whose key attribute is stealth, was turned into a tourist attraction. Now a new inquiry is underway after it was revealed that having survived the incident relatively unscathed, the submarine was damaged in a collision with the tug boat hired to free it. The Anglian Prince was contr

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