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04 Aug 08. Equipment and support personnel to co-locate at Wiltshire super-site. Plans for a major new defence centre in North Wiltshire have been given the green light today by Defence Minister Derek Twigg. The project, known as ‘Corsham09’, will accommodate 2,200 Defence Equipment and Support (DE&S) personnel and their industry partners on the Basil Hill site in Corsham. The PFI contract for the site is worth £690m under a 25-year PFI deal, and will combine offices from the Corsham area. By collocating MoD staff on one site with industry partners, there will be greater support and delivery to the frontline. It will particularly improve information systems and services to all parts of the UK defence community, including the MoD’s worldwide strategic communications systems used by troops deployed on operations worldwide. Construction work will start in November this year, which will include brand new single living accommodation for 180 service men and women.

04 Aug 08. Today the Northrop Grumman Corporation-built National Security Cutter USCGC Bertholf was commissioned on the U.S. Coast Guard’s birthday, becoming the service’s most capable and technologically-advanced maritime asset in its 218-year existence. Lockheed Martin’s Coast Guard Command and Control (CG-C2) system, onboard Bertholf, provides a common operating picture to aid coordination among helicopters, aircraft, other ships and shore facilities. The system has an open architecture design and provides interoperability, assuring that the Coast Guard can work with multiple federal, regional and state agencies and organizations in maintaining maritime domain awareness and achieving homeland security missions.

04 Aug 08. The Boeing Company announced the completion of a $10m, 20,500-square-foot satellite Mission Control Center (MCC) in El Segundo, Calif. The MCC can manage up to four commercial or government satellite missions at the same time.
The MCC replaces another Boeing facility in El Segundo that was smaller and had
limited capacity.

06 Aug 08. Russia could base bombers and missiles in neighboring Belarus
in response to U.S. missile defense plans in eastern Europe, Moscow’s ambassador
to Minsk said Aug. 6, according to Russian news agencies. “We could be talking about the possible basing of Iskander missiles, the possible basing of strategic bombers in Belarus, Kaliningrad and so on,” the ambassador, Alexander Surikov, was quoted by Interfax as saying. “When Poland signs the agreement with the American side about hosting elements of the missile defense system, then we can discuss some additional aspects of military-technical cooperation with Belarus.” (Source: Defense News)

06 Aug 08. The newest Arleigh Burke class guided-missile destroyer, Sterett, will be commissioned Saturday, Aug. 9, during a 7 p.m. EDT ceremony in Baltimore, Md., at the South Locust Point Marine Terminal. Designated hull number DDG 104, the new destroyer honors Andrew Sterett (1778-1807), appointed lieutenant in the U.S. Navy in 1798 and assigned to the USS Constellation as third lieutenant. During the quasi-war with France, he served with Capt. Thomas Truxtun onboard Constellation, capturing the French frigate L’Insurgente in 1799. By 1800, he had risen to the rank of first lieutenant. He was soon given command of the schooner Enterprise. In June 1801, he sailed Enterprise from Baltimore to serve with the Mediterranean Squadron and captured a 14-gun Tripolitan warship and her 80-man crew during the Barbary Wars. Sterett continued his Navy career until he resigned his commission in 1805. Three previous ships have carried his name: DD 27, DD 407 and DLG/CG 31.

31 Jul 08. New Hampshire (SSN 778), the nation’s newest and most advanced nuclear-powered attack submarine, returned to the Electric Boat shipyard here today following the successful completion of its first voyage in open seas, called alpha sea trials. New

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