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By Julian Nettlefold, Editor, BATTLESPACE

The second in our series looking at ITT post the EDO acquisition

03 Mr 08. The acquisition of EDO has propelled the ITT into new areas that are transforming the business at an accelerating and positive rate. In our last feature ITT – FIRING ON ALL CYLINDERS – SOLVING BLUE-ON-BLUE, published in our March issue, we covered new areas of synergy between the ITT and EDO. However, the change the breadth and product portfolio has unearthed further jewels in the ITT crown, Power Products, CBRN and Energy Absorption products.

Power Products

Since 1974, through what was K&M, now ITT Power Solutions, ITT has developed mission-critical power supplies (converters and inverters) and CCA’s for military and commercial applications. ITT offers turnkey manufacturing in support of your major subsystem requirements. ITT Power Solutions is a worldwide supplier of channel electron multipliers (detectors) and other high reliability electronic components for image intensification and scientific instrumentation.

ITT Power Solutions is located in West Springfield, Massachusetts (approximately 30 miles north of Hartford, Connecticut; 90 miles west of Boston, Massachusetts; and 90 miles east of Albany, New York). ITT’s facility houses a complete design, engineering, and manufacturing operation all under one roof.

As a reliable source for design and manufacturing of military, high reliability power supplies, ITT offers design & manufacturing expertise for voltage outputs ranging from 1V to 40kV and output power levels ranging from 1/2 Watt to 10,000 Watts. We have the capability to produce products which meet MIL-SPEC reliability requirements. The company specializes in miniaturization and modularization to meet custom packaging mechanical design requirements.

Michael Brodeur of ITT Power Solutions briefed BATTLESPACE at AUSA about exciting new developments in power supply systems which will solve the current high demands for power on military vehicles. The segment also develops advanced micro power systems for the Corporation’s Night Vision Goggle (NVG) Division. Other applications include power conversion for the following systems: Munitions / Weapon Systems; Radar Systems; Communication Systems; Aviation /Avionics / Threat Warning; Missile Warning Systems; GPS-based Weapon Navigation Systems.

Michael Brodeur showed BATTLESPACE its latest power product for power generation onboard vehicles.

Energy Absorption

Energy Absorption designs and manufactures shock absorbers, rate controls, struts and suspension systems for transportation, aerospace and industrial applications under the KONI® and Enidine® brand names. This division also provides compact pneumatic automation components for a variety of markets, including electronics and plastics.

Justin McCoy showed BATTLESPACE the complete range of energy absorption products from Enidine specialist gun recoil systems thru 50 calibre gun mount units to the full range of Koni shock absorbers produced for a wide range of vehicles.
Tactical Radios

The media hype which followed the introduction of the Boeing-led JTRS contract win and the loss of ITT and Raytheon of the Cluster 1 Requirement appeared to write off ITT Defence and Communications as a has been in tactical radio development and manufacture. It portrayed ITT as a provider of the legacy old technology SINCGARS radios from its huge Fort Wayne facility, which would eventually be run down following the grand introduction of JTRS, slated originally for 2005 form its inception in 1997.

Now eleven years after the JTRS proposal the promises made by the JTRS JPEO have not met with the promises and the technology has become mired in delays and difficulties. During this process ITT has continued to produce more SINCGARS radios and now has delivered over 300,000. Dr Larry Williams told BATTLESPACE at AUSA last year that the excuse that the SINCGARS

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