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29 Apr 11. Geodis, Sodexo, Thales and GIE Access, with support of Medef International, create Global [X] joint company to support UN peacekeeping operations. Geodis, Sodexo, Thales and the GIE Access, with full support from the French Administration and the Medef International, have created the Global [X] joint venture to combine their efforts in supporting peacekeeping operations of the United Nations. The Global [X] partnership is designed to provide the UN with the highest standard of quality and efficiency of support to its peacekeeping operations. It is in line with the objectives set out by the new Global Field Support Strategy of the United Nations. Global [X] is a permanent cooperation between “pre-engaged” companies who will monitor and be prepared to respond quickly to UN operational needs, from mission start-up to withdrawal. Following the normal UN procurement rules, Global [X] response will be performed through standardised, modular service packages, capable of being deployed quickly anywhere in the world.

29 Apr 11. Raytheon Company submitted its Common Infrared Countermeasures (CIRCM) proposal to the U.S. Army. Using mature, proven, in-production technology, Raytheon will compete as a prime to develop the next-generation directed infrared countermeasure system.
“We are an experienced contender and have made a significant investment for this type of technology development,” said Mike Booen, Raytheon’s vice president of the Advanced Security and Directed Energy Systems product line. “Ever since the U.S. Army’s Broad Area Announcement, our team has made significant advances to ensure we meet the customer’s requirements. Our CIRCM system is ready to go, and I know the Army will be extremely pleased with our light, reliable and producible system.”
Raytheon’s pointer-tracker system is scalable and has demonstrated modular open system architecture. For the purpose of CIRCM, Raytheon will use Northrop Grumman’s ASALTT™ quantum cascade laser and Curtiss-Wright’s COTS processors.

27 Apr 11. Phoenix Aerospace, Inc., a subsidiary of Phoenix International Ventures, has entered into a licensing agreement with DRS Environmental Systems, Inc. regarding re-manufacturing, repair, service or manufacturing of DRS ground flight line support equipment and related products that are either no longer in production or that require low volume production. The agreement is for five years and allows for the inclusion of additional products that are ending their production life cycle. (Source: Yahoo!/Marketwire)

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