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31 Jan 11. The Boeing Company and industry partner Northrop
Grumman Corporation today submitted their joint proposal for the competitive development and sustainment contract for future work on the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) element of the United States’ ballistic missile defense system. (Source: ASD Network)

31 Jan 11. Lockheed Martin has submitted its proposal for the Ground-based Midcourse Defense (GMD) Development and Sustainment Contract to the U.S. Missile Defense Agency’s (MDA’s) GMD Joint Program Office. The Lockheed Martin-Raytheon team completed delivery of the proposal yesterday, Jan. 27. The GMD Development and Sustainment Contract will provide development, manufacturing, test, training, performance-based logistics, operations and sustainment of the GMD element of the Ballistic Missile Defense System, which protects the nation, our allies and friends against limited ballistic missile attack. MDA has announced that it intends to award the contract May 31 and that the acquisition value is approximately $600m per year with an initial period of performance of seven years. (Source: ASD Network)

02 Feb 11. Cambridge Consultants announced the signing of a strategic partnership with Nujira to assist its customers in deploying Nujira’s compelling modulator technology in the defence and security sectors. The partnership will see Cambridge Consultants use its experience in the defence sector, along with its extensive expertise in wireless technology, to help customers in this market design-in and develop products using Nujira’s high efficiency Envelope Tracking modulator technology for a variety of military applications. High efficiency power amplifiers based on Nujira’s Envelope Tracking technology have many potential applications in the defence sector, particularly for battlefield communications. This technology is especially relevant as the sector focuses on reducing the power requirements, and therefore the size and weight, of new handheld manpack and small form factor radios and other transmission systems. Moreover, there is an increasing a need to improve the heat dissipation in vehicle-based applications. By significantly reducing the power requirements, Nujira’s technology will be able to increase the operational range of current systems, or significantly reduce their weight through the use of fewer batteries. Nujira’s proven technology has become well established in the commercial sector for cellular network infrastructure and digital broadcasting, enabling a 50% reduction in basestation or transmitter power consumption. As the defence sector looks to exploit more cutting edge technology, Cambridge Consultants will be working with Nujira’s defence customers to create lower power devices and solutions incorporating the novel modulator technology.
“Nujira’s technology is at the leading edge of the commercial market, but making the adjustments for defence deployments are at an early stage,” commented Richard Traherne, head of wireless at Cambridge Consultants. “However, by bringing our expertise and experience in dealing specifically with security and defence customers, we can help these sectors benefit from new and extremely compelling software defined radio technology, such as Nujira’s Envelope Tracking.”

31 Jan 11. Lockheed Martin’s Vice President for C-130 Programs, Lorraine Martin, visited Marshall Aerospace at Cambridge on 27th January, taking the opportunity to sign a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) between Marshall Aerospace and Lockheed Martin to work in partnership to provide Global Sustainment Support Solutions to Northern European C-130 customers. On signing the MOU, Lorraine Martin, stated: “The C-130 has long been recognized as the world’s proven airlifter. This agreement with Marshall Aerospace ensures that C-130 operators will receive the best of our combined resources for C-130 sustainment, modification and enhancement keeping the C-130 fleet viable well into the future. In

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