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25 Jan 11. Agile Communication Systems (ACS) announced at AFCEA/USNI West 2011 that they have entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Sculpture Networks (SN) to jointly develop a highly advanced MPEG encoding system with ultra low latency and significantly reduced bandwidth. ACS intends to work with SN to assist with the final development and marketing of the encoder.

24 Jan 11. Embvue Inc. underlined its current position as a leading provider of AFDX and safe, deterministic switched Ethernet products and services by announcing the signing of an important Technology Licensing Agreement with EADS and Airbus. The Technology License Agreement, signed by Embvue’s CEO and senior members of Airbus and EADS staff, grants Embvue a license to exploit Airbus patents. The patents in question together describe the underlying principles upon which certifiable AFDX switch and end system implementations in use today in the aerospace and defense market are based. (Source: ASD Network)

25 Jan 11. A team of leading defence industry companies, led by geospatial capabilities specialist, Esri UK, has developed an interoperability exercise demonstrating how a joined up approach to exploiting multiple intelligence sources can be used to better inform decision making, and help protect British troops against the threat of IEDs (Improvised Explosive Devices). The interoperability exercise was unveiled today, 25 January 2011, at the Defence Geospatial Intelligence 2011 Conference in London. The team comprises Esri UK, BAE GXP, ITT Envi, i2, Cobham MMI, Systematic and IHS Jane’s. Satellite imagery for the exercise was supplied by DigitalGlobe. The use of IEDs accounts for the highest percentage of coalition and civilian casualties in current operations in Afghanistan. In response the volume of data being captured has increased from a growing range of diverse sources, including human intelligence from patrols and other sources, imagery intelligence from satellite and aerial reconnaissance and signals and sensor intelligence. Much of this information is captured using different platforms and systems, often in different formats.
”The challenge is to bring this mass of data together so that it can be effectively exploited to support the full spectrum of operations and to save lives”, said Nick Rigby, Non Executive Director, Esri UK. “The good news is that whatever the source, all this information has a place and time, so can be geographically referenced”.
The exercise shows how a Geographic Information Systems (GIS), such as Esri’s ArcGIS system, allows these multiple intelligence feeds to be brought together, analysed by different parties, and the results overlaid onto maps and imagery that can be shared at many levels. This is used to assist decision making at each stage, from Orientation, to Analysis, Planning and Action to Post Operational Review. Areas supported include intelligence gathering, threat assessment, mission planning and rehearsal, patrol route planning, operational tasking and post action network disruption assessment.

21 Jan 11. Honeywell and Haier Group announced the signing of an MOU for global strategic cooperation to collaborate on the development and promotion of low-emission, high energy-efficiency products and solutions. The MOU was signed during the U.S.- China Trade and Economic Cooperation Forum, contributing to the bilateral economic and trade results of President Hu Jintao State visit to the U.S. Under terms of the MOU, Honeywell and Haier will work collaboratively on new technology that will make household appliances, intelligent home systems, residential heating, building automation, and mass transit more efficient and cleaner. (Source: Yahoo!/PRNewswire)

20 Jan 11. CSC is teaming with General Dynamics Information Technology, Harris Corporation, and Cisco to pursue an anticipated five-year contract to provide information technology (IT) enterprise services for the U.S. Navy. The contract co

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