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03 Nov 10. MBDA Italy and CIRA (the Italian Centre for Aerospace Research) have signed a cooperation agreement aimed at advancing in the most effective way the operational skills of each of the two organisations in their respective sectors. This agreement, which is for a three-year term, will be automatically renewed each subsequent three years. The agreement came about following the identification of possible synergies in the development of general purpose technologies as well as in the conception, development, qualification and use of “Flying Test Beds” through which such technologies and their respective design and integration techniques could be properly validated. The agreement will deal with various topics, including:
Composite airframes for subsonic/supersonic applications;
Guidance, navigation and control systems and algorithms for next-generation expendable launchers and hypersonic vehicles;
Composite canisters;
Composite BMC4I and dual-use modules;
Anti-ballistic defence to increase personnel safety during operations;
Hybrid radomes.

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