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29 Oct 08. Iran is planning to manufacture over 50 Russian-designed Ka-32 helicopters under a production license, an Iranian aircraft industry official said on Wednesday. Ka-32 is a civilian version of the Russian Ka-27 military helicopter developed by the Kamov design bureau. Ka-32 is a 12-ton aircraft than can carry up to four tons of payload. It can stay in the air about four hours per sortie and cruises at 205 kilometers an hour. The Ka-27 has been used by the Russian navy since the 1970s. There are fears in the West that with the ability to manufacture the Ka-32, Iran could easily convert them back to their original Ka-27 military configuration. IAIO will also manufacture 100 advanced Tu-214 and Tu-204 airliners with a 210-passenger capacity in cooperation with Russia within the next 10 years. (Source: Seawaves Publishing Inc.)

31 Oct 08. IPL, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) for a strategic cooperation with EADS Defence and Security (EADS DS), creating a powerful force with the UK Government’s supply chain. IPL has been a major supplier of software services to EADS DS since 1997, working on large government programmes involving secure communications for the UK Government, SkyNet5 (the MoD’s next generation of military satellite communications linking fixed defence networks with naval), air and land forces deployed overseas and FiReControl: a key building block in improving the resilience of the UK’s Critical National Infrastructure against large-scale incidents such as industrial accidents, terrorist attacks and environmental disasters. The MoU recognises this long term relationship and sets out an agreed basis for a closer business alliance. Individually IPL and EADS DS have special competencies that when combined will extend the reach of both parties. By sharing market intelligence and jointly targeting opportunities, the alliance will enable both parties to further establish themselves in markets such as Homeland Security and Public Safety, which are characterised by information intensive IT and secure communications.

Nov 08. Aerospace suppliers join forces for Eurofighter Typhoon project. Aerospace engineering company Alenia Aeronautica has signed a partnering agreement with aeronautical company Aerostar to combine resources and expertise for the Eurofighter Typhoon programme and other upcoming civil and military projects. The Eurofighter Typhoon is a collaborative initiative between the UK, Italy, Germany and Spain to produce a multi-role aircraft. The scheme is worth over Euro40 billion and involves more than 400 suppliers in Europe. There are currently 707 Typhoons under contract, and the Romanian Air Force is expected to be next to procure a fleet of the swing-role aircraft. Alenia Aeronautica and Aerostar will work together on the contract to help deliver the new Typhoons. (Source: MoD Defence Contracts Bulletin)

03 Nov 08. The Lockheed Martin team developing the next-generation Global Positioning System (GPS) spacecraft, known as GPS III, has successfully completed on-schedule an Integrated Baseline Review (IBR) with the U.S. Air Force, an important program milestone that precedes the Preliminary Design Review. GPS III will improve position, navigation, and timing services for the warfighter and civil users worldwide and provide advanced anti-jam capabilities yielding superior system security, accuracy and reliability. The successful IBR consisted of a comprehensive review of the entire program and established a reliable baseline in relation to the program’s cost, schedule and technical requirements. In completing the IBR on schedule, the Lockheed Martin GPS III team, which includes ITT, Clifton, N.J. and General Dynamics Advanced Information Systems, Gilbert, Ariz., is on track to complete the space vehicle Preliminary Design Review in second quarter 2009.

04 Nov 08. EADS has selected IT operational risk management specialist DNV IT Global Services as prefer

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