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01 Jul 08. SELEX Galileo, of Finmeccanica, and BAE Systems have signed a partnering agreement to provide thermal weapon sights manufactured by BAE Systems for the forthcoming surveillance and target acquisition increment of the Future Integrated Soldier Technology (FIST) Programme. SELEX Galileo and BAE Systems will offer a family of three high performance thermal weapon sights (light, medium, and heavy) as a flexible and cost effective solution to the FIST requirement. Thermal technology is now capable of delivering identification ranges similar to visual and image intensified weapon sights, and allows thermal only sights to be considered as a “best-value” solution to capability needs. This is in addition to the entire suite of integrated surveillance and target acquisition capabilities being developed for the Italian MoD ‘Soldato Futuro’ Programme and ensures that the UK MoD will have access to affordable international technologies with proven support and technology growth.

Jul 08. BAE Systems and Lockheed Martin are teaming to develop long-range guided munitions for the U.S. Navy. The new 5-inch, precision-guided Extended Range Munition (ERM) will address the current void in affordable and reliable long-range naval surface fire support. The 5-inch ERM builds on BAE Systems/Lockheed Martin’s success with the Navy’s 155-mm Long-Range Land Attack Projectile (LRLAP) program. The LRLAP has the capability to precisely engage targets at ranges in excess of 72 nautical miles, delivering lethal force in support of military operations ashore with minimal collateral damage. Much of the proven technology used with the LRLAP program is being applied to the 5-inch ERM program.

30 Jun 08. BAE Systems — under an agreement with Micromem Applied Sensor Technologies Inc., — will co-produce nano-sensor technology that will leverage both companies’ expertise for use in military, commercial, and homeland security applications. As a foundry and business development partner with Micromem Applied Sensor Technologies, BAE Systems’ Microelectronics Center in Nashua, New Hampshire, will further develop Micromem designs and manufacturability for advanced magnetic random-access memory (MRAM) products. The goal is to bring the designs to maturity and begin production of gallium arsenide-based nano-sensors that offer features such as very high-speed and low-power capability, radiation-hardness, and overall robustness. “Foundry facilities are very expensive, and development work on new products is highly capital-intensive,” said Gino Manzo, foundry director at BAE Systems in Nashua. “This arrangement will advance technology and design maturity for products developed by Micromem by giving both companies the means to produce devices for a wide range of commercial and military uses.” Micromem Applied Sensor Technologies’ patented submicron nano-sensor, based on MRAM technology, also can be designed for use in highly accurate magnetometers — instruments used to measure the strength and/or direction of magnetic fields — and for threat-detection solutions for defense and homeland security.

23 Jun 08. Saab and Sensis have entered into a cooperation agreement to promote, enhance and support Saab’s GIRAFFE AMB family of radars in the United States. The agreement is initially focused on Saab’s GIRAFFE AMB systems for US Defense applications. Sensis Corporation, a leading provider of advanced radar detection solutions, will provide modifications and adaptations to US military specifications. With this cooperation agreement in place, both companies can better address the needs of the customers. “The US is a very important market for Saab and we are very pleased with the cooperation with Sensis, a company who met our strict criteria and has great performance and capabilities. This cooperation will remove barriers for future sales.” says Lennart Joelsson, Senior Vice President and Managing Director Saab Microwave Systems. “Sensis is

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