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Feb 11. FLIR Systems is the world’s largest supplier of detection and protection sensors and systems. With the recent acquisition of ICx Technologies, FLIR now has a complete line-up of chemical, biological, radiation, nuclear and explosives (CBRNE) detections sensors, as well as a complete system integration capability. The company will showcase their technology at the upcoming International Defence Exhibition and Conference (IDEX), including:
* CBRNE Detection: FLIR has a complete suite of CBRNE threat detection products designed for field tactical use at military bases & checkpoints, border crossings, airport security, mobile labs and other sensitive locations. The Fido PaxPoint V2 liquids, aerosols and gels (LAGs) detector recently received ECAC approval for use at airport checkpoints. The Fido XT handheld explosives detector and the identiFINDER handheld radiation identifier are the detectors of choice for their respective applications. These sensors are fielded and proven in countries around the world.
* Surveillance Systems: Through laser designation and incomparable high-definition, FLIR Systems is the world leader in advanced force protection, providing vehicle vision solutions and a catalogue of soldier solutions which range from battery powered weapon sights and scopes to binoculars. FLIR now also provides advanced ground surveillance radars for real time detection and tracking. Thousands of systems are currently in operational use providing military and border security and surveillance with the most effective coverage in the harshest conditions, including both Iraq and Afghanistan.
* Integrated Solutions: Adaptability and mobility continue to be a large focus as the company continues to dedicate research and development in providing the most practical detection and protection solutions to support a host of critical needs. From integrated long-, medium- and short-range camera/radar systems with slew-to-cue capabilities that increase situational awareness, to a fully networkable integration framework that enables a multitude of CBRNE sensors, surveillance and active response devices to be automated through a single common operational picture, FLIR continues to develop a diverse product line to enhance mission success.
* Regional Commitment and Successes: FLIR Systems provides local support throughout the Middle East and Africa, from it service centers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and a recently opened office in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. FLIR Systems airborne, vehicle and soldier infrared (IR) systems are present throughout the region, with 80% market share, to include the UAE Armed Forces. These agencies rely on FLIR Systems sensors for a wide variety of missions including search-and-rescue, reconnaissance, target designation, border and coastal patrol, and force protection.
* Systems on display or available for demo at the booth:
* Ranger® HRC and Cerberus tower long range surveillance systems
* ThermoVision® family of vehicle vision sensors
* ThermoSight™ family of targeting sights
* Recon® family of handheld sensors
* Star SAFIRE® HD/LD and TALON™ LD stabilized systems
* Fido® XT, identiFINDER® 2, and handheld other CBRNE sensors
* Griffin™ 450 mobile mass spectrometer
* Agentase™ Disclosure Spray chemical weapons agent point detector

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