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24 Jan 11. The defence division of North Wales based FAUN MV Ltd. is set to launch its latest product at this year’s IDEX. Designs for the manufacturer’s first recovery solution – the Vehicle Recovery Mat (VRM) – will be unveiled in hall 5, at stand C06. VRM is used to rescue vehicles – weighing up to 70 tonnes – that have become stuck on difficult terrain such as mud, sand or ice. VRMs have a non-slip surface that allows trapped vehicles to grip to the track and move across the ground with ease. The mat is made from lightweight aluminium and can be laid on uneven ground as well as being split and connected by hand so the length of the mat can be customised to the specific requirements of any scenario. VRM is the latest addition to TRACKWAY’s product portfolio which includes a range of temporary road solutions and landing mats that are used by over 40 armed forces worldwide.
Chris Kendall, business development manager at FAUN TRACKWAY, said, “Stranded vehicles can delay crucial operations and traditional means of releasing them are not always quick, practical or possible. After speaking with our customers and military experts from all over the world, our engineers designed a product that is flexible, robust and able to act as a critical recovery tool.”

24 Jan 11. BCB International Ltd will be exhibiting at the show some of the most cost effective and advanced military equipment available today which help reduce the soldier’s burden (less weight, less bulk, less stress) as well as maximizing their performance. Some of the innovative products BCB will be launching and showing at the IDEX Show include:
Mistral Body Armour Cooling
The heat-defying Mistral Cooling System represents a major leap forward in under armour body cooling. It can be integrated into all types of body armour including Osprey, Kestrel and Interceptor. Using three cooling circuits which sequentially blow air to different zones under the body armour for up to 10 hours, the Mistral helps troops feel cool which improves their combat performance and concentration. The plug-in fan unit is easy to connect for replacement or to connect to combat vehicles’ air conditioning systems; making the Mistral system ideal for troops serving in hot climates.
Chilly portable personal water cooler
Because it can reduce the temperature of a soldier’s drinking water by up to 25 degrees Celsius, the Chilly portable personal water cooler is a vital piece kit for soldiers who want to feel cool and stay hydrated in hot climates. It works simply by evaporation, no batteries are required.
Blast Boxers
To help protect soldiers against potentially life threatening and life changing injuries to the groin area from IEDs, BCB have developed the Blast Boxers. The Blast Boxers are a pair of protective shorts made from Kevlar and a special comfortable fabric worn instead of underwear which have been extensively tried and tested. Recent ballistic trials have shown that the Blast Boxers provide significant protection of the soft groin area against some of the fragments and upward blast from an IED. BCB’s stand will be in Hall 5-C01 at the UK Pavilion. For more information, don’t hesitate to contact me on 0044 2920 433705.

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