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16 Jul 08. The DoD has launched a university-based social science initiative to support basic research in topic areas of importance to current and future U.S. national security. The initiative, called Minerva, will support multi- and interdisciplinary and cross-institutional efforts addressing a range of social science topic areas. It will bring together universities, research institutions and individual scholars into a partnership to tackle topics of interest to DoD. For example, DoD could pursue topics such as foreign military and technology research, terrorism or cultural studies. The initial funding is $10-20m annually.
The objectives include:
-To foster and improve the Defense Department’s social science intellectual capital and ability to understand and address security challenges.
-To support and develop basic research and expertise within the social sciences community in subject areas which may provide insight to current and future challenges.
-To improve the Defense Department’s relationship with the social science community.
To achieve the secretary of defense’s vision, DoD will pilot a number of approaches for engaging the social science community. This multi-pronged strategy will enable the department to solicit a broad range of proposals from the social science community and to leverage the expertise and infrastructures of a wide range of existing mechanisms for funding basic research. The Minerva initiative will have several components to solicit and manage proposals. The first of these has been released through a DoD broad agency announcement (BAA). Additionally, DoD signed a memorandum of understanding with the National Science Foundation on July 2, 2008, to work together on a range of projects related to DoD’s Minerva initiative, which might include a solicitation of proposals. Submission to DoD’s open BAA will not preclude any offerer from submitting proposals to future solicitations.

15 Jul 08. The U.S. Department of Homeland Security (DHS) has awarded CSC a task order to provide secure managed data center services. The contract has a six-month base period and six one-year options. A two-year option may be exercised in place of the sixth one-year option, bringing the estimated total contract value to $391m. The DHS awarded the task to CSC under the Enterprise Acquisition Gateway for Leading Edge Solutions (EAGLE). CSC was one of several large businesses awarded an EAGLE contract on June 29, 2006, which was announced by CSC shortly thereafter.

14 Jul 08. Goodrich Corporation has received a contract from the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) to deliver and evaluate a new chemical detection system that uses advanced technology to pinpoint the presence or absence of hazardous chemicals in public places. The system, a terahertz (THz) spectrometer, is designed to significantly reduce false alarms as well as detect actual hazards, enhancing safety and efficiency in challenging environments such as airports, office buildings and shopping centers. Work will begin immediately at the company’s ISR Systems facility in Danbury, Conn.

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