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04 May 11. ATLAS ELEKTRONIK has completed the delivery of the coastal surveillance system, which has been ordered by the Bulgarian Ministry of Finance regarding the completion of the Bulgarian obligations towards the Schengen agreement of the European Union. The System, operated by the Border Police (Ministry of Interior), covers the entire Bulgarian coastline of more than 350 km. The contract includes the delivery of the complete coastal surveillance system, whereby already existing radar sites were integrated. The main components are surface radar, signal processing, multi-sensor tracking, including AIS and CCTV, communication, system management and recording & replay based on the CSS product SEATRACK 9800. The contract was awarded to a consortium, consisting of ATLAS ELEKTRONIK, Tcherno More and Optix (ATO) in January, 2010 in Sofia and has been completed and accepted by the customer on 8 December 2010 after only eleven months in Sofia. The contract was executed by the 100% subsidiary ATLAS Maritime Security, which has merged with Sofrelog beginning of 2011. Later this year the legal entities ATLAS Maritime Security and Sofrelog will be re-named into SIGNALIS. Designed and built to ensure the integrity of the Bulgarian “blue border” and territorial waters the system automatically detects and identifies targets in the authority of the Bulgarian Border Police. The system is based on 12 remote sites, equipped with radar, AIS transponders, daylight and IR-Cameras and weather stations; 2 mobile ground units and 12 Border Police Boats, including surveillance and communication components. The operational responsibility is located in 2 Local Operative Centres in Galata (Varna) and Sozopol, where the information of the remote sites are being gathered, displayed and processed. Each Local Operative Centre is connected with a number of remotes radar sites. The traffic image and the situation picture of the according sectors is transmitted to the National Maritime Border Coordination and Information Centre in Burgas, where the traffic images are integrated into one tactical operational traffic picture of the entire Bulgarian coastline. The overall tactical coastal picture is being forwarded and displayed into the Operative Duty Centre, which is located in Sofia.

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