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26 Apr 11. EdgeFrontier middleware from Augusta Systems has been deployed in a major homeland security initiative in the Kingdom of Jordan. Used in conjunction with Intergraph’s incident management software for public safety and security, EdgeFrontier assists the kingdom in preventing and responding to local and regional security emergencies and threats, including terrorism. The homeland security initiative supports police, fire and emergency response agency operations throughout the 648-square mile capital city of Amman and in surrounding cities including Zarqa and Madaba, providing seamless, coordinated response during multi-agency and multi-incident emergencies. Working with Intergraph’s software, EdgeFrontier provides a platform for tying together diverse security and emergency response systems through integration and normalization of data, events and control functions. (Source: Yahoo!/PRNewswire)

19 Apr 11. Allen-Vanguard introduced its new EOD Tactical blast protection suit to security authorities attending the Counter Terror Expo 2011 today. This ensemble is an integral part of the Company’s solutions for protecting law enforcement and military personnel tasked with defeating terrorist and extremist threats, including Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs). The EOD Tactical Suit provides frontline Counter-Terrorist personnel with blast and fragmentation protection in a lightweight ensemble covering the torso and extremities. As a scalable modular system, its components can be selectively donned to meet a variety of operational requirements and threats faced during Breaching, Explosives Search, Dog Handling and numerous military applications. Its exceptionally innovative design provides significantly greater coverage than conventional body armor while retaining the mobility essential to operating in hostile environments. The EOD Tactical is worn in conjunction with a user’s bullet resistant vest to supplement its protection against blast and fragmentation. For continuous facial protection, Allen-Vanguard’s Visor System can be attached to most tactical and military helmets and integrates with the Suit’s chest plate. Additional details can be obtained through the Company’s website.

21 Apr 11. TiaLinx, Inc., a developer of remotely controlled miniaturized object detection radars, today announced the launch of the Viper60-A. The ultra fine radio frequency beam is capable of detecting very small objects concealed under clothing. The lightweight sensor system with polarized arrays provides an ultra-wideband (UWB) fine beam that can detect a variety of objects concealed by common clothing. Analogous to X-ray tomography, but using radio frequency waves that are safe, it can provide images at various depths from objects that can be identified as possible weapons. The system is ideal for rapid screening of individuals in a queue at a standoff. TiaLinx’s real-time V-band UWB RF imaging development was sponsored by multiple SBIR Phase IIs and CPP awards from the Army’s PEO AMMO PM-CCS, DARPA, ONR, and AFRL. Through a software-controlled interface which is integrated into a laptop and deployed remotely, the Viper60-A can be further upscaled to address rapid screening of individuals at a fraction of the cost of current X-ray scanners. The V-band RF Scanner transmits wideband signals that are highly directional and are reflected from the body while it penetrates the clothing. In the receiver, polarization sensitive signal detection circuits are employed to capture the reflections from targets. Amplitude, phase and delay information are then processed in an integrated digital signal processor. (Source: Yahoo!/PRNewswire)

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