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04 Oct 10. Converged solutions provider Enkay Technologies has tied up with Morpho Detection, Inc, a subsidiary of state-owned French aerospace and defence contractor Safran Group and the General Electric Company (GE), global leader in CBRNE detection and scanning technology. Morpho is one of the global manufacturers of detection technology for the security industry. It supplies systems that help detect explosives, narcotics and also chemical, biological, radiological, and nuclear (CBRN) material. Morpho’s main clients include government agencies, defence establishments, air and ground transportation, first responder, critical infrastructure and other high-risk organisations. Mumbai-based Enkay’s tie up with Morpho will enable the Indian company to offer advanced scanning and detection solutions to verticals like hospitality, commercial, infrastructure, retail, manufacturing and establish itself as a strong player in Indian security market. (Source: Google)

Oct 10. Cellular Backup Network for Security Systems. Security and communications systems combine voice, data and video within a structured system that often includes access control. Access control identifies users and limits their access according to defined authorization rules. Technologies employed in these applications include facial recognition, card readers, keypads and computer-activated locks, door panels, and more. Telephone entry control, plastic identification (ID) cards, video ID equipment, radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, and fingerprint recognition technologies are also available for use with building security and communications systems. Due to the mission-critical nature of these applications, network redundancy is essential in case the primary network fails or is disabled by an intruder. Moxa’s solution used the building’s existing Ethernet network as the primary backbone and a cellular network for the backup solution. The OnCell 3100 series IP modem was used to develop the cellular network. A reliable backup system is extremely crucial because if the Ethernet network goes down and the security monitoring company is not instantly notified of the disruption, a robbery can occur during the interval. Therefore, power redundancy is also an important requirement for this project. The OnCell G3100-HSDPA series of high-speed industrial-grade IP gateways are intelligent and fully-featured wireless communication platforms that connect your Ethernet and serial devices over a cellular TCP/IP network. The OnCell G3100-HSDPA series offers connectivity to all tri HSDPA/UMTS frequency bands and quad GSM/GPRS/EDGE frequency bands used in Europe and the United States, allowing seamless global roaming on the best available network. The OnCell G3100-HSDPA comes with private IP management software and supports VPN for handling the IP address issue in cellular network structures. The OnCell G3100-HSDPA also comes with a built-in relay output that can be configured to indicate the priority of events when notifying or warning engineers in the field. Two digital inputs also allow you to connect basic I/O devices, and the OnCell G3100-HSDPA comes with redundant power inputs to assure non-stop operation. The serial detection devices can send data over a primary Ethernet network and a backup cellular network

07 Oct 10. Cassidian and NEXThink have announced the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement on the integration of NEXThink software into the solutions and offerings of Cassidian Cyber Security Solutions. The agreement will enable the two companies to offer their respective customers new and innovative services in the defence, aviation, space and security markets. Through this agreement the two firms are combining their expertise and their human, technical and logistical resources to provide unique end-to-end service offerings, especially as regards technology for computer crime prevention, risk management and the setting up of network and security operations

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