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16 Aug 10. Scientists and engineers at the Lockheed Martin Space Systems Company’s (LMSSC) Advanced Technology Center (ATC) have demonstrated an innovative perimeter security system for government and commercial applications. VAMS uses commercial off-the-shelf hardware and software from Intelleflex of Santa Clara, Calif., with proprietary Lockheed Martin-developed elements that include modified firmware, modified interrogation protocols, new detection and tracking algorithms, and real-time operator response. “We developed this system in response to needs articulated by the US Government,” said Dr. Vibeke Libby, principal scientist at the ATC and inventor of VAMS. “Our goal was to create a robust and versatile system that offers an affordable solution to new challenges for perimeter security. Our close partnership with Intelleflex is ideal. We have been able to combine our companies’ proprietary technologies resulting in an unprecedented range of new capabilities. For example, VAMS will detect stationary objects, single or multiple intruders, air-dropped items, left-behind items, and even intruders who vault perimeter fences or drop by parachute. As an intrusion is detected, a camera is automatically cued and pointed at the intrusion coordinates for operator alarm and verification.” “The Advanced Technology Center at Lockheed Martin has developed a truly innovative security application that leverages the unique capabilities of Intelleflex’s new XC3 products,” said Peter Mehring, president and CEO of Intelleflex. “It has been a pleasure to work with Dr. Libby and her team, as their development fully realized the potential of the XC3’s robust RF capabilities, which include 100-meter response range while adhering to the new ISO 18000-6 Class 3 Standard.”

18 Aug 10. HCL Security Ltd., a subsidiary of HCL Infosystems, India’s premier systems integration company – has chosen Barco to be the visualization partner in a prestigious project to set up a new C4i (Command, Control, Communication, Computing and Intelligence) center in Delhi. The project, due to be completed this month, is to provide a highly sophisticated surveillance system for communication with Delhi patrol officers during the Commonwealth Games 2010.

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