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04 May 10. Suspect Detection Systems Inc. has won its recent bid to sell additional Cogito(TM) rapid interrogation units to a federal agency in India. The bid was awarded in February, and the technology was sold and delivered in April through the company’s subsidiary Suspect Detection Systems Ltd. A tender was awarded for multiple rapid interrogation units as well as the company’s proprietary Central Database and Management System (CDMS). CDMS stores and processes all data collected by each remote Cogito unit, controls and manages all Cogito units in real-time, and then analyzes all collected biometric information and test results.
The Cogito units sold can conduct interrogations in over forty regional dialects. Suspect Detection Systems was awarded a previous tender by the same federal agency in 2009. The current sale follows the successful implementation of Cogito technology by agents in the field. The Cogito units are being used by the federal agency to gather pre-crime and post-crime intelligence. The information collected during the interrogation of suspects is used to help solve crimes that have already been committed, as well as to help prevent potential crimes and terror attacks from taking place in the future. (Source: Yahoo!)

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