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23 Jun 10. Peter Hobson of Hobson Industries Ltd., in partnership with Amos Deacon of Phoenix International Systems, Inc., the U.S.-based manufacturer of the Prowler and in association with Blaythorne Ltd, the U.K. Prowler Representative, is introducing an enhanced petrol powered version of the All Terrain Vehicle Corporation’s (ATV) Prowler Light Tactical All Terrain Vehicle at DVD 2010 to meet a current European military requirement.

Prowler is the only vehicle in the LTATV class purpose built, designed and produced for military applications including ISR, SAR, Assault, Crew Served Weapon Mobility, Perimeter Patrol and Logistic Support.

The Editor and his son took the Prowler around the Off-Road track this afternoon and the vehicle clearly showed its pedigree by tackling the hardest obstacle which larger and more robust vehicles had traversed a few minutes before. After the Editor left the tack another exhibitor expressed surprise that he had tackled the rough area of the off-road track as the organisers were looking at levelling the bumps tomorrow to allow a smoother ride! When Prowler was first exhibited in 2002, the organisers recommended a special track with less arduous terrain – not this year!

These enhancements upgrade Prowler’s already established reputation for the highest performance in the field, delivering more power, greater stability and seamless operation in any climate or at any altitude. The new Prowler is 30 percent more powerful, featuring a digital fuel injection 750cc 4Valve V-twin engine, the most powerful in the LTATV class.

“We are delighted to be partnered with Hobson Industries and continue our association with Blaythorne to bring the latest version of Prowler to the world market.” Amos Deacon, Phoenix International’s CEO said. “The new Prowler amplifies the advantages – unmatched reliability, stability, speed, endurance, power, all-terrain mobility and operator protection — of the current version Prowler. The Prowler is still the only LTATV platform designed specifically for military purposes and applications rather than simply a modified recreational vehicle.”

“Also, like the current Prowler platform, which has been the preferred choice of military operators in both the U.S. and internationally, the new Prowler continues to be the only LTATV platform specifically designed and dimensioned to be a truly Internally Transportable Vehicle (ITV) without modification or adjustment.” Deacon added.

“We immediately saw the benefits that the original Prowler could bring over existing platforms when we tested the vehicle in 2008.” Harry Legge-Bourke, Director of Blaythorne said. “We imported a vehicle and showed it to the Army who expressed interest in the vehicle. However the trials showed the need for not only better performance but also more U.K. content and support. We were delighted when Hobson Industries agreed to manufacture and support the vehicle in the U.K. to meet world market demands. Blaythorne will continue to provide marketing support with the provision of Driver Training which we will carry out at our purpose built test track in Usk, South Wales.”

“We first saw the Prowler vehicle at DVD in 2002 and it certainly demonstrated the ability to fill a need in the market below our existing Land Rovers. We were approached by Phoenix International and Blaythorne in 2010 to provide manufacturing, service and spares support. We conducted an evaluation of the vehicle and it showed all the credentials to enable us to build the vehicle at our Donington-on-Bain facility as well as to utilise our proven Through Life Support processes which allows high availability for the customer. We will manufacture the bulk of the components in the U.K. to comply with the Defence Industrial Strategy and provide spares and support from our facility. We have agreed a Joint Design Authority with Phoenix Inter

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