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10 Nov 11. Having powered jet fighters, helicopters and small craft with alternative fuels, the U.S. Navy will conduct its largest-yet demonstration next week when a former destroyer takes to sea with a mixture of algal oil and diesel fuel. The former destroyer Paul F. Foster will be the largest ship yet to operate with so-called alternative fuels. (U.S. Navy) The Paul F. Foster, a Spruance-class destroyer now used for experimental purposes, will sail from Point Loma in San Diego to her base at the Naval Surface Warfare Center in Port Hueneme, Calif., powered by a 50-50 blend of hydro-processed algal oil and F-76 petroleum, the Naval Sea Systems Command (NAVSEA) said Nov. 10. The alt fuel will power one of the ship’s LM2500 gas turbines used for propulsion, and the ship’s service gas turbine. The short, overnight transit is part of a commitment by Navy Secretary Ray Mabus to demonstrate a Green Strike Group in 2012 and deploy a strike group composed completely of alternatively powered ships, “the Great Green Fleet,” by 2016, NAVSEA said in a press release.
In October, the Navy demonstrated the algal oil-F-76 fuel aboard a landing craft utility at Little Creek, Va., where a riverine combat craft also operated with the fuel mix. Yard Patrol training vessels at the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md., have also used the alt fuel. (Source: Defense News)

08 Nov 11. Cyclone Power Technologies Inc., developer of the all-fuel, clean-tech Cyclone Engine, announced that it has delivered to Renolavia Energy SA, prototype design plans for a high-efficiency Rankine cycle engine, developed to run on solar thermal energy. The delivery satisfies Cyclone’s license agreement with the global renewable power company, based in Madrid, Spain. “We’ve enjoyed working with Cyclone and look forward to seeing this project progress to the next stage of building and testing beta engines”Cyclone’s engine, named the S-1, is a 5hp heat-regenerative, reciprocating steam engine. When put into commercial usage, Cyclone expects that the engine can help reduce the costs of installation and operation of solar power plants dramatically due to its compact size, low weight and high efficiencies. In laboratory testing, the 30-lbs S-1 engine has achieved up to 34% thermal efficiencies.
“We’ve enjoyed working with Cyclone and look forward to seeing this project progress to the next stage of building and testing beta engines,” stated Jaime Galobart, CEO of Renovalia. (Source: Yahoo!/BUSINESS WIRE)

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