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14 Jun 11. The Pentagon has unveiled a comprehensive strategy that will change the way the U.S. Defense Department manages and uses energy on the battlefield, and will make energy a factor when acquiring weapons. It is the first time DoD has put out a strategy to “try to change the way we use energy in military operations,” according to Sharon Burke, assistant secretary of defense for operational energy plans and programs. “It’s become clear in the current operations that there are risks and costs we’re taking on that we don’t need to be taking on,” she said during a taping of This Week in Defense News. The strategy “will begin to make energy considerations more systemic so that our major systems going forward will take this into account when we’re looking at the trade space on these major acquisitions,” Burke said. Sent to Capitol Hill this week, the strategy specifically calls for reducing the demand for energy, expanding and securing the supply of energy, and building energy into the future of the force. It calls on DoD’s components to document projected energy consumptions in current and planned operations. The services and combatant commands will lead this data-collection effort. (Source:Defense News)

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