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16 Jun 10. Honeywell Green Jet Fuel(tm) produced using its Green Jet
Fuel process technology powered a Boeing AH-64D Apache helicopter flown by the Royal Netherlands Air Force. The flight, which is the first helicopter flight using sustainable aviation biofuels to date, was conducted at Gilze-Rijen Airbase, the home of the Royal Netherlands’ combat helicopter fleet. Natural oils from algae and used cooking oil were converted into Green Jet Fuel using process technology developed by
Honeywell’s UOP. The aviation biofuel was blended in a 50 percent mixture with traditional jet fuel, and this blend was used to power one of the Apache’s engines for a series of test maneuvers. No modifications were made to the engine or airframe for the flight. (Source: ASD Network)

17 Jun 10. The creation of an aviation biofuel production facility in
Brazil will be evaluated by EADS, Eurocopter and BioCombustibles del Chubut under terms of a cooperative agreement signed at this month’s ILA Berlin Air Show. The accord will benefit from the pioneering work in algae-based biofuels already conducted by EADS and BioCombustibles del Chubut, and it builds on Eurocopter’s growing presence in Brazil.
“EADS understands the importance of working with all elements of the ‘value chain’ in developing biofuels as an alternate to fossil fuels used in aviation,” said EADS
Chief Technical Officer Jean Botti. “By teaming with BioCombustibles del Chubut, we will benefit from the company’s unmatched experience in developing microalgae as a source of next-generation biofuels.”
“The signature of this agreement is the first step in changing the future of aviation as we know it today,” said Marcelo González Machin, the president of BioCombustibles del Chubut. “Furthermore, through the production of this biofuel, the EADS Group will start a very significant social and productive change worldwide. It will be a revolutionary change, not only for the massive reductions in CO2 emissions that it is to provide, but also for production system that it will establish.”
“Eurocopter has made the development of more eco-friendly helicopters one of its priorities,” said Didier Renaux, Eurocopter’s Business Engineering Vice President.
“Moreover, the concept of local production of algae biofuel is particularly adapted to helicopter operations, and opens new business opportunities.”

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