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18 Mar 10. Navistar, Inc. announced today it has received certification from the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for its 2010 MaxxForce® DT Advanced EGR (exhaust gas recirculation) mid-range diesel engines. Known in the industry as “The Legend” for its proven durability and performance, the MaxxForce DT powers vehicles in many segments where Navistar is a market share leader. From the medium-duty International® DuraStar® and severe service International® WorkStar® to several models of IC Bus™ brand school buses, the MaxxForce DT delivers the reliability customers expect.
“Receiving EPA certification is an important milestone and marks one of our last stages prior to the launch of our 2010 trucks and engines,” said Ramin Younessi, Navistar group vice president, product development and strategy. “We anticipate receiving additional EPA certifications for our other engine families in the days and weeks ahead as our manufacturing plants begin to ramp-up for full production of our 2010 line-up of trucks and buses.”
International® brand on-highway commercial vehicles and IC Bus™ brand school and commercial buses powered by 2010 MaxxForce engines will use MaxxForce Advanced EGR emissions technology. Navistar has pursued its in-cylinder emissions solution path for most of the past decade to provide the most customer-friendly powertrain in terms of fuel economy, performance and overall ownership costs. With MaxxForce Advanced EGR, customers won’t have the worry or inconvenience of finding or filling liquid urea. MaxxForce-powered trucks and buses require only diesel fuel and operate just as commercial vehicles of the recent past. Most importantly, MaxxForce Advanced EGR provides customers with a no-hassle solution that keeps responsibility for emissions compliance with the manufacturer—not the vehicle owner or driver.

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