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Fujitsu Defence and Security SHOWCASE CAPABILITY

Fujitsu Defence and Security SHOWCASE CAPABILITY

27 May 08. Basingstoke based Fujitsu Services Defence and Security division showcased a range of technologically advanced, practical solutions that can help overcome some of the challenges that organisations face in the highly complex, but crucially important, area of National Security and Resilience at two Open Days at their Central London HQ on 22/23 May 2008 following the publication by the Government of the ‘National Security Strategy for the UK’ in March 2008.

During the series of terrorist events in London on 7/7 first responders below and above ground had some well publicised difficulties in communicating with each other. During the disastrous floods of 2007 there were instances where Emergency Services on the ground were using blackboards to transmit information to helicopters in the air. It is a reality that at present the UK has a limited proven capability to respond, in a fully ‘joined up’ manner, to a crisis, whether it be a terrorist incident an influenza pandemic or serious flooding.

Information and Communications Technology (ICT) has a major role to play in enabling this more joined up approach and delivering interoperability. Fujitsu is one of the largest suppliers of IT systems to both government and the private sector; with installations in the Home Office, Cabinet Office, MOD, HMRC and Security Agencies. It is in a pre-eminent position to assist government departments to work more effectively both singly and also with other organisations.

Fujitsu has demonstrated its ability to develop and deliver such systems in the defence and security markets, where we take COTS products and integrate them, building in all the necessary security and encryption controls. While not seeking to transfer such products unchanged into the civil NSR market, the combination of Fujitsu’s Defence and Civil Government capabilities and understanding of client needs, would provide rapid effect solutions without unnecessary delay.

In summary, Fujitsu is well placed to provide the level of secure integration and management of existing silo based information systems across a multi agency operating environment at the strategic level, while at the same time delivering integrated and proven technologies that provide the operational commander with

Mike Newman, Head of Fujitsu Services Defence and Security division, added:

“Fujitsu, as a leading UK IT Systems Integrator, is well placed to help the govt move the NSR Agenda on. The aim at the Open Days was to show a comprehensive range of secure capabilities, that we have brought together, working with a number of partners, to demonstrate what is now possible so that those progressing the NSR Agenda will understand the benefits that technology can now deliver”.

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