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By Julian Nettlefold

24 Feb 10. FLIR Systems Inc. and Selectron Inc. demonstrated an upgrade to Selectron’s M36T1 Thermal Fire Control periscope during AUSA with the FLIR Systems Inc. M36 T1 Thermal Elbow.

It is always interesting to find an ‘industry nugget’ at AUSA and Selectron provided that. Keeping its light well hidden under a bushel Selectron is an industry leader in combat proven thermal imaging technology. Its years of experience, going back to the Vietnam War has allowed Selectron to manufacture the highest performing and most cost effective thermal gunners sighted system for armored vehicles in the world.

Richard Heathcote, President of Selectron International Optronics, LLC told the Editor that the Company was still privately owned by investors. “Selectron is is a company founded by innovation in engineering. Selectron’s optical component, coating, filters and systems technology is unparalleled. Our customers are provided with the most personal service, best value, and quality that the industry has to offer. These qualities are what made Selectron the manufacturer of choice for the Mars Lander stereo camera optics. This allowed the world to see incredible views of the surface of a planet 49 million miles away.”

“Our understanding of optics, opto-mechanical assemblies and thin film coatings dates to 1963. It was then, when a core component of our business Broomer Research first started production. Precision coatings are available from UV to Far Infrared, using non-radioactive materials that can be applied to almost any substrate. Broad band anti-reflective and conductive coatings, metallizing, Ion-assist deposition are all part of our capabilities. Selectron will meet all of your optical requirements, whether they are Scientific, Commercial, or Mil-qualified. The mission of the U.S. Military is Own the Night, Own the Fight. Our electro-optical systems allow you to do just that. Selectron specializes in providing armored vehicles with the ability to see first and act, in any condition. For those critical night operations, Selectron has the AN/VVS-2 Drivers Viewers, M36E-Series Gunner’s Sighting System and our most recent development, the M36T1 Thermal Fire Control System with optional eye safe laser range finder. Selectron has a wide variety of day periscopes including the M20, M17, M27 and M45. Night and day, Selectron’s optical components are your solution. !

The potential for this fit, which fits exactly into the existing system is huge, there are thousands of ageing fire control systems which could be easily upgraded with this system which requires no extra space or power to give full TI capability. FLIR and Selectron showed the installation on the Textron M211 ASV with a Cadillac Gage developed 40mm/.50 caliber upgunned weapon station, battle-proven by the U.S. Marines in the LAV-25. The turret’s protected feed chute provides the gunner with reload-under-armour capabilities for both weapons systems.

The M36T1 Thermal Fire Control Periscope

The M36T1 Thermal Fire Control Periscope is basically the M36E-series fire control system with Selectron patented optical conversions that allow the unit to accept the T1 thermal elbow. This ingenious design allows the user the benefits of thermal sighting while maintaining the time proven durability of the standard M36. The Head assembly, Intermediate body and Daylight Assembly remain common to both the standard M36 and the T1. The standard M36 can be upgraded to our M36T1 in approximately 2 hours, without modification to
the turret. Even the power and adjustments stay the same.

The benefits of employing the M36T1 are enormous. It sees through harsh environmental conditions (including smoke) and to ranges up to 2 kilometers. Due to our sensor selection that operates in the 3 to 5 micron range vs. competitive systems in the 8 to 12, we get clear i

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