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Apr 08. Improvised Explosive Device Defeat – Requirements, Initiatives and Challenges
Date: 6 – 7 May 2008
Location: Washington DC, United States
Over 25 Experts from: JCS/J-8, USCENTCOM, USJFCOM, HQ USAF, ONR, Army PEO Ammunition, Army PEO IEW&S, Navy EOD Group 2, 402nd FA BDE, MAGTFTC G-3, 79th OD BN, USMC PM TRASYS, DHS, Lockheed Martin, Boeing, Raytheon, GE Global Research, ICX, MIT, A3 Technologies, Ronco, ODU Vision Lab, and WPI examine:
* Emerging Counter-IED Needs & Requirements – Army – Navy – USAF – USMC – DHS – CENTCOM – JFCOM
* Roles and Strategies for Attacking the Network, Defeating the Device, and Training the Force
* Major Breakthroughs in Standoff IED Detection
* Sensor Development and Opportunities for IED Cell Intelligence Gathering
Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) are the leading killer of U.S. and allied troops in battlefields within southwest Asia and are now the #1 priority according to many of the services top officials. This has led to the funneling of billions of dollars towards a solution to stem these instruments of terror before more casualties are added to the hundreds already murdered or injured. However, stopping this threat has proved to be an enormously daunting task as insurgents have been able to continually adjust and adapt to coalition efforts to counter these highly lethal devices.
This evolving threat has led counter IED forces around the world to adopt a holistic approach to thwarting these makeshift bombs – from disrupting the explosives themselves, to training soldiers, to attacking the very network that supplies the components before these items are assembled and emplaced. As military leaders have concluded there is no ‘silver bullet’ that will put an end to this threat, several different technologies, techniques and tactics must be developed to ensure the safety of our soldiers.
This comprehensive conference will examine the various challenges and hurdles that lie ahead in addressing this evolving task and also identify the most critical needs and requirements for future counter-IED development.
* What are the joint commands’ roadmaps for countering IEDs?
* What are the services’ future plans for countermeasure development?
* How is DHS dealing with the IED threat on the homefront?
* How do we effectively ‘attack the network’ and what technologies exist for this purpose?
* What are the latest training needs and challenges?
* What are the latest advancements in IED standoff detection and neutralization?
These and many more issues will be addressed in this outstanding event.

Apr 08. More than a year out from Helitech 2009, organisers of the event are pleased to announce that 50% of the allocated show space has already been snapped up by exhibitors. The dates for the UK-based show, which is held every other year at the Imperial War Museum in Duxford near Cambridge, are Tuesday 22 September to Thursday 24 September 2009. This year Helitech is also holding its first exhibition in Portugal at Cascais Airport. Helitech 2009 marks the fourteenth time the event has been staged and although the show is held in the UK it has become recognised as the largest international helicopter exhibition outside the USA, bringing in exhibitors and visitors from more than 50 countries around the world. The exhibitor base represents every tier of the helicopter supply chain and there is always a strong original equipment manufacturer (OEM) presence and the chance to display the latest products, systems and equipment available. Some of the key players in the helicopter industry have already signed up including, PremiAir, Rolls-Royce, Sloane Helicopters, MD Helicopters, Enstrom Helicopter Corp. and H&S Aviation.

07 Apr 08. The Boeing Company today announced that it is sponsoring a flyover of four historic military airplanes in honor of U.S. airmen who died during World War II and in subsequent conflicts. The event will take place on Thurs

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