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07 Mar 08. Farnborough International: Prime Minister Not Interested. The Prime Minister was asked (7 Mar 08) what plans he had to visit the Farnborough Air Show, to which he replied: “I have no current plans to do so.”. The Show is to take place from 14 to 20 Jul 08. (Source: DNA DEFENCE NEWS ANALYSIS, Issue 0812, 17 Mar 08)
BATTLESPACE Comment: Hardly a surprise given his disdain for defence and aviation in general and quite a relief for the security issues if he had visited!

Mar 08. The outlook for policy and defense business under the next Presidency
22 April 2008, Washington DC, USA.

Jane’s Events: conference@janes.com
Call: US +1 (703) 236 2415 or UK +44 (0) 20 8700 3841

Expert speakers include:
* The Hon Jacques S Gansler
Director, Center for Public Policy and Private Enterprise, University of Maryland
and former Under Secretary for Defense Acquisition
* The Hon Delores M Etter
Professor, United States Naval Academy and former Assistant Secretary of the
Navy (Research, Development and Acquisition)
* Mr Gary Powell
Assistant Deputy Under Secretary of Defense (Industrial Policy), Pentagon
* Dr Anthony Cordesman
Arleigh A Burke Chair in Strategy, Center for Strategic and International Studies
* Major General Charles J Dunlap Jr
Deputy Judge Advocate General, US Airforce, Pentagon
* Mr Frank Ruggiero
Deputy Assistant Secretary for Defense Trade and Regional Security,
Bureau of Political-Military Affairs
* Dr Michael Pillsbury
Consultant to the Office of the Secretary of Defense
* Mr Mark Kimmitt
Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for the Middle East, Pentagon
Full conference program available online
Key themes
* Challenges to and priorities for the next Administration
* Is a cyclical downturn due or are the expenditure dynamics changing?
* The shape and size of the US defense budget after Bush
* The defense industry in 2008-2012 – meeting US defense requirements
and US defense in the wider world
* Geopolitics 2008-2012 – impacts on the US and US impacts elsewhere
* Lessons from the period since 2001 and challenges for 2009 and after

Mar 08. International Defense Logistics 2008

3 – 6 Jun 2008

Brussels, Belgium, Hotel le Plaza
WBR – Worldwide Business Research

The armed forces of the world’s allied nations face common challenges in the months and years ahead; the likelihood of long range and sustained deployments into hostile environments; increasing commitments to multinational operations; the ongoing process of organisational transformation. International Defence Logistics 2008 is where the defense logistics community meets to find common solutions.

Learn from defense logistics professionals and senior military officers – our unparalleled speaker faculty is lead by:
* Lieutenant General A Dunwoody, Deputy Chief of Staff G4, US Army
* Brigadier General C J Murray CBE ADC, Director, Royal Logistic Corp
* Major General K-H Münzner, General Manager, NAMSA
* Jonathan Mullin, Head of Capabilities Directorate, European Defence Agency
* Major General Vaccino, Deputy Chief of Staff / Support, NATO JFC Brunssum
Solutions to key challenges including:
* Contracting for logistics support – discover successful outsourcing and partnering
* Supplying new theatres of operation – tried and tested strategies from the front line
* Expeditionary logistics and long range mission sustainment – accessing key strategic lift resources
* Driving efficiency and visibility in the supply chain – technological and organisational changes you can implement immediately
* Logistics of multinational operations and coalition environments – make cost and resource savings through strategic collaborations

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