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16 Feb 12. Military Cyber Security Conference, 7 March, 2012 – 9 March, 2012, Washington, United States. The number of cyber attacks on DoD and Government networks estimated at 400 million annually – continues to increase at an alarming pace as adversaries, both homegrown and foreign, acquire increasingly sophisticated tools with which to attempt to penetrate our systems. The combined DHS/DOD cyber budget proposals for 2012 exceed $4.2bn with DHS nearly $1bn and DoD requesting over $3bn. The President has also identified cyber security as a critical imperative for national security. Increasing dependence upon the internet, declining IT budgets, and new computing paradigms (cloud, open source, etc.) have exacerbated cyber security problems.

15 Feb 12. Armoured Vehicles Brazil 2012 Conference, 28 June, 2012 – 29 June, 2012, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Armoured Vehicle Series welcomes you to Brazil, home of Latin American armouring and vehicle expertise and hub of local and regional business opportunities. Focusing on regional light and medium armour procurements for both wheeled and tracked solutions as well as MRAP 4X4 upgrades and local manufacturing, Armoured Vehicles Brazil will follow in the footsteps of our other tremendously well supported armour events in India, South Africa and the UAE to become the most specialised forum in Latin America for military and paramilitary armoured vehicle expertise and procurements. From the Brazilian VBTP family of vehicles as well as Brazilian OEM projects, to APC upgrades in Chile and Colombia, Pan-Latin American M113 upgrades, turret upgrades for Mexican IFVs and even the Gaucho Programme in Argentina, this is a thriving market full of opportunities for joint ventures, collaboration, Offset possibilities, and COTS solution procurement unlike any other region today. Brazil has a long and respected history of local manufacturing expertise, from the development of the Urutu and Cascavel a few decades ago to the Guarani and family of 4X4 and 6X6 vehicles today, and it is the key nation to host the inaugural Armoured Vehicles event on the continent.

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