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23 Nov 11. 29 November, 2011 – 30 November, 2011, Orlando, FL, United States. Successful Unmanned Aircraft System (UAS) attacks on insurgents in Iraq and Afghanistan have forever changed the landscape of future aviation development in the Department of Defense. The Predator, Reaper and Hunter have shown unprecedented capability in pairing persistent surveillance with quick, precision strike further adding to their value as integral assets on the battlefield. As a result, DoD and the Services are forging ahead with UAS weaponization development from near-term to long-term programs. With yearly worldwide UAS spending expected to double in the next 10 years from the already $5.4bn annually, unmanned lethal capabilities promise to be a focal point in near-term development as the demand for “lethal ISR” is at a fever pitch. This outstanding conference examines the latest needs, challenges and opportunities for arming unmanned aircraft systems.
What are the Services’ needs and initiatives for armed UASs?
What are the latest major developments towards Small UAS Weaponization?
What are the critical lessons learned for armed UASs and UAS weapons from both integrators and end-users?
What is the status on current and emerging UAS weapons including Hellfire, DAGR, JAGM and more?
What are the emerging non-kinetic weapon solutions for unmanned aircraft?
Over 25 Leading Experts from: OSD, USSOCOM, US Navy,USAF ASC, Army UAS PO, USAF AAC, AFSEO, USAF 86th FWS, USMC MAWTS-1, ARL, Lockheed Martin, Raytheon, General Atomics-ASI, Northrop Grumman, BAE Systems, General Dynamics, ANSYS, and Scorpion Aerosystems examine:
Current and Future Armed UAS Needs & Requirements
Latest on Small UAS Weaponization
The Future of Armed UAS Employment
Next-Generation Armed UAS, UAS Weapons, and Weaponization Challenges
Featured presentations
Maj. Gen. Ken Israel, USAF (ret) – Vice President, Military Support, Lockheed Martin and former Director, DARO Special User Perspectives Section
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Orlando, FL 32819
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