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18 Oct 11. Northrop Grumman Corp has pulled out of the 2012 Farnborough International air show as part of a drive to cut costs in what it describes as leaner times in the global defence market but it is honouring its commitment to the Dubai Air Show. “Northrop has the same presence at Dubai as in previous years,” said show organiser Alison Weller, managing director of F&E Aerospace. “Apart from BAE Systems, we have a full turnout of the major defence companies.”The decision by the Virginia-based company to announce a pull-out from Farnborough, the world’s second largest aerospace and defence trade show was a surprise.
Northrop spokesman Randy Belote said the move did not “diminish the company’s commitment to Britain or other international customers.” In a statement to the press, Belote said the company had already been reducing its footprint at the international air shows in recent years, but pulling out completely would save millions of dollars. Reuters reported that this would be the first time in decades that the company — one of the five largest U.S. defence contractors — was not present at the big international showcase of commercial and military aircraft. Virginia-based defence consultant Loren Thompson told Reuters: “This is just the
latest indication of how determined Chairman Wes Bush is to cut costs,” Thompson told Reuters. “They’re going to break the mould in terms of what is expected in terms of industry leaders.” Bush has realigned the company around four business areas focussed on cybersecurity, logistics, communications and intelligence, and unmanned systems, and recently spun off the company’s shipbuilding business. (Source: Google)

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