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25 Aug 11. UAS Symposium. The AWC UAS TES will be holding its annual UAS Symposium on Thursday 8 September at the Defence Capability Centre, Shrivenham. The theme for 2011 is “The National Security Strategy: Do Unmanned Aircraft Systems have a role in support of Future UK Resilience Operations?”. The MOD provides Military Aid to the Civil Authority through irreducible spare capacity. The Symposium will focus on the art of the possible from the civilian sector and areas where the UK MOD may in future be able to support UK Resilience Operations. The Symposium is a free event open to military and civilian members of the UK UAS community, academia and other interested parties, and is expected to again attract a full house of 250 attendees. Following a keynote presentation, policy update and an overview of the implications for Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems from the National Security Strategy, three sessions will each cover an aspect of the National Security Strategy in the form of a vignette. Each vignette will feature up to 3 speakers examining aspects which may include Remotely Piloted Aircraft System utilisation, issues for integration, command and control, payloads and training. Defence Industry, Academic and cross-Government participation will be sought in presenting the vignettes and each session will conclude with a panel discussion. The specific vignettes will focus on: Border Security; Industrial Incident; and Flooding. We will aim to draw lessons from Haiti, Australia, New Zealand and Japan as well as from the recent UK Exercise WATERMARK, and hope to include panel members with areas of relevant expertise.

29 Aug 11. September 7 – 9, 2011, Washington, DC, US
Cyber Security Conference: Emerging Strategies, Challenges, Needs & Technologies. “Our heavy dependence on technology in DOD is going to be make-it-or-break-it in securing our information and infrastructure? We’re going to be the cyber team.” – Hon. Ms. Teri Takai, DoD CIO
The number of cyber attacks on DoD and Government networks? estimated at 400 million annually continues to increase at an alarming pace as adversaries, both homegrown and foreign, acquire increasingly sophisticated tools with which to attempt to penetrate our systems. The combined DHS/DOD cyber budget proposals for 2012 exceed $4.2bn with DHS nearly $1bn and DoD requesting over $3bn. The President has also identified cyber security as a critical imperative for national security. Increasing dependence upon the internet, declining IT budgets, and new computing paradigms (cloud, open source, etc.) have exacerbated cyber security problems. This exceptional conference brings together the senior level military, government and industry experts who are defining the requirements and shaping the solutions in cyber security and computer network defense. To examine such questions as:
* What are the latest Government, OSD and Service strategies, plans, needs and initiatives?
* What is the role and status of new defense cyber organizations – USCYBERCOM,ARCYBER, etc??
* What are the latest threats? How is the threat environment evolving?
* What is the Way Forward for Interagency & Intra-DoD cooperation & information sharing?
* What are the emerging tools/techniques for continuous risk monitoring & management?
* What novel challenges does security in cloud computing pose for DoD systems?
* What are the emerging solutions?
* What is the Road Ahead for National Cyber Policy and Standards?

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