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Feb 11. Cyber Security Conference” next March 16-18 in Washington DC. DoD Government, and private sector networks endure the tireless onslaught of an estimated 400 million cyber attacks annually – and that number is only increasing. Through cyber espionage, data theft, and other means, China and other adversaries are acquiring DoD program plans and technologies, as was the case of the Joint Strike Fighter aircraft plans in 2010. The insider threat is also a growing concern, especially in the wake of the Wikileaks incidents. In yet another example, the issue of security goes beyond software. Hardware origination and safeguarding also needs to be accounted for. Our reliance on the Internet is only increasing. The new reality is a growing cold war of international cyber operations. It is critical that the US directly engage these threats. We are losing the cyber security battle. What are we going to do it about it? What role with your company play at this critical juncture? The 2010 national cyber budget will be in the excess of $7bn USD, but is that enough? Given our ever-increasing reliance on digital connectivity, and with the reality of intensifying cyber threats from states such as China and Russia, it is a national imperative that the US directly engages these threats in order to avert potential catastrophe. This exceptional conference brings together senior level military, government and industry experts in cyber security and computer network defense to examine such questions as:
*What is the Way Forward for Interagency Cooperation between USCYBERCOM, DHS, FCC, etc.?
*What do Cyber Operators Need in Current and Emerging Cyber Operations?
*What are the Latest DoD and Government Cyber Security Plans, Initiatives, and Strategies?
*What is the Road Ahead for National Cyber Policy and Standards?
*What is the Best Course of Action for Mitigating the Current Array of Cyber Threats?
*What is Being Done to Protect Critical Infrastructure from Cyber and Other Related Threats?

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