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23 Aug 10. DE&S Programmes and Technology Group (PTG) is planning to conduct an exercise called FOBEX10, in late 2010, early 2011. FOBEX10 is seeking to identify potential enhancements to the Tactical Base (TB) capability, specifically in the establishment of an integrated system of a ‘30 person Patrol Base (PB)’and (tba) Control Points (CP) from ‘green field’ to levels 1 and 2, and the subsequent removal/disassembly. FOBEX 10 could provide a specific experimentation opportunity for interoperability and infrastructure rationalisation around ground based ISTAR and ‘Sense and Warn’ equipment. FOBEX10 will be an evaluation of industry claims that FOB’s can be built differently (i.e. quicker, better, cheaper, or better managed). These alternatives constructs are to consider, but not be constrained by, the themes of the Land Open System Architecture functional model, and current thinking on sub-component elements includes addressing the following:
• Improved quality of infrastructure
• Waste disposal
• Power supply and distribution, including vehicle delivered power
• Water management including treatment testing and bottling, recycling and storage
• Alternative Force Protection Engineering approaches
• Precision air dispatch,
• Immediate medical support
• Integrated Survivability Systems
• Helicopter Landing Site (HLS) dust reduction
• Expedient resurfacing
• Laundry
• Winterisation
• Cover from view capability
Suppliers, who can either provide a complete system (PB and CP), or sub component parts (Technology Readiness Level 6), are requested to contact the PTG along with system/product details and supporting information on indicative system costs and availability for trials. A Military Judgement Panel will conduct the down-selection. Companies selected by the MJP will be invited to demonstrate their construction in comparison with an established TB construction.
There are currently two windows of opportunity: Nov 2010 and Feb 2011.
For more information, please contact:
Jim McMenemy
Tel: 030 679 34012
Email: DESPTG-TD-Logsys1@mod.uk
Paul Johnson
Tel: 030 679 34120
Email: DESPTG-TD-Logsys@mod.uk
Mike Smith
Tel: 030 679 80551
Email: DESPTG-TD-Logsys-PPM@mod.uk

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