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Aug 10. The Big Brew Up. Put the kettle on, man your teapots, The Big Brew Up is back. Here’s the idea: from 4 – 10 October, we’re getting the whole country organising tea related events, getting together and raising vital funds for SSAFA Forces Help. The Big Brew Up is a great opportunity to raise some vital funds for SSAFA Forces Help whilst enjoying yourself with friends, family or colleagues. First and foremost, it’s about getting together for a good old fashioned cuppa. But there are loads of other ideas to build your event around from a “Big Breakfast” at work, to a “G&T” party with your friends.

05 Aug 10. The BRITISH ARMY BATTLEGROUP CAPABILITY DISPLAY Close Operations Stand of the Land Combat Power Demonstration (LCPD) will be held at Warminster on October 12th.
Content: Explanation of the aims and objectives of the LCPD and the Close
Ops Stand, and the bidding process with a cut-off date.
Sponsor: DGLW
Contact: Major Tristram Carter RIFLES – SO2 G7 UK Res
Classification: UNCLASSIFIED
1. The Land Combat Power Demonstration (LCPD) is an annual event conducted as part of the ACSC at JSCSC. The aim of LCPD is:
“To develop an understanding of the Land Component, the complexity and
capabilities of a land formation, and how a land formation may be deployed and then employed to achieve full operational effect – by demonstrating the capabilities and equipment found in a formation and how they may be organised.”
2. LCPD comprises a series of Stands, which ACSC students attend over a two-day period. One of these Stands is Close Operations. Close Operations are those which involve friendly forces in direct contact with the enemy, usually conducted at short range within an immediate timescale. Their purpose is primarily to strike the enemy in order to eliminate a discrete part of his combat power and effect is achieved through direct action.
3. The Close Operations Stand Battle Group Capability Display (BCD) will be open to visitors on Tue 12 Oct 10 from 1300 to 1700. The BCD is a comprehensive static display of vehicles, weapons and capabilities – much of which is directly relevant to current operations in Afghanistan. PLEASE NOTE THERE IS NO FIREPOWER DEMO. The closing date for ticket applications is Fri 10 Sep 10. Bids will only be accepted on the
form at Annex A. General queries should be addressed to Mr Richard Trounson, SO3 G7 UK Res on Warminster Mil (94381) Ext 2958 or at CTG-HQ-TrgRes-SO3 (richard.trounson727@mod.uk)or BATTLESPACE can email a form.

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